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Liebherr SBS241 48″ Refrigerator: Is This 3 Fridges in One?

Written by Appliance Dude | August 25th, 2011

A question from the peanut gallery:

“I’m looking at the Liebherr 48″ refrigerator, the SBS 241. It looks like one refrigerator, but someone told me it’s actually two. Then another store said it was three, and they had to be ordered seperately…HELP!”

Liebherr fridges, especially the built-in units, aren’t the easiest to understant or sell. However the quality of these units is so high it’s worth trudging through the somewhat convulted descriptions of the fridges.

In this case, the SBS 241 is not an actual unit. It’s a package combination of 2 columns.
– A refrigerator that holds 13.8 cu ft of fresh food
– A smaller fresh food fridge that boasts the Bio-Fresh technology – this compartment holds 5.5 cu ft.
PLUS a freezer that holds 4.5 cu ft.

So in essence you are buying two columns, and one of the columns has two seperate cooling units – the smaller fridge and the freezer. The SBS241 is the product code that packages these units together.