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New Liebherr Fridge – KBIS 2015

Written by Appliance Dude | January 21st, 2015

After invading KBIS in Las Vegas last year on the Viking ship with my buddy Selim, I decided to skip this year’s show since our new showroom has been so busy.
However the Appliance Dude’s reach is still felt out in the desert as I will be posting pics of key product from the show that are being sent to me. Enjoy!

New Liebherr Undecounter fridge debuting at KBIS2015

New Liebherr Undecounter fridge debuting at KBIS2015

More Liebherr Love – 24″ Refrigerator Rundown

Written by Appliance Dude | June 19th, 2013

On the heels of yesterday’s Liebherr enlightenment I’ve decided to offer the complete analysis of their 24″ refrigerator offerings on one page. So those who have spatially challenged kitchens and can only do a 24″ or those who are looking to combine (2) 24″s to make a 48″, here are the goodies.
It’s a confusing line to sell so bear with me…

Focusing on refrigerators today, all-freezers to follow…..

I. FREESTANDING (“I have no need nor desire to build this into cabinetry”)
24″ Cabinet Depth, Freestanding Fridge/Freezer.
At 24″ wide this bad boy can be used either in a cabinet or as a freestanding piece b/c it’s sides are wrapped.

You can buy this hinged either on the left or right side

The CS1360 and CS1361 both come with factory installed icemakers.

Fridge – 9.7 cu ft
Freezer – 3.3 cu ft
Models – CS-1311, CS-1310,
Models with icemaker – CS1360, CS1361

II. BUILT-IN MODELS (“This shizzle is getting placed in a cabinet”)
24″ Built-in Stainless Steel ALL FRIDGE
This is a built-in unit meaning it’s going to jut out slightly from your cabinets.

Normally 80″ high, you have an option of making this 84″ with the addition of a top vent kit

The RB1410 is the BioFresh model, $500 upcharge for this feature which act as seperate system, preserves food longer.
Models – R-1410, RB-1410 (bio fresh)

24″ Built-in Framed or Overlay Wood Panel Models
Buy these if you abhor stainless.
Energy Star compliant
Fridge capacity is 13.5 cu ft
LED lighting
Handles are mandatory for framed look (does anyone still do that?)
Models – RI-1410, RBI-1410 (bio fresh)

Liebherr CS-1640 – No Water Line Needed

Written by Appliance Dude | June 18th, 2013

One of the beautiful things about being an appliance jedi is that it creates a vast space for humility.
For instance, when a shopper one-ups me on knowledge of a particular model, I accept it and embrace it!
Jedis believe in continuing education, your training never ceases!

Case in point – the Liebherr CS-1640. 30″ stainless refrigerator. I know alot about Liebherr refrigerators. Sell a decent amount of them. But I never knew this model had a built-in, non-plumbed icemaker. Wait, an icemaker in a Liebherr that doesn’t take a water line…WTF?

After some research I discovered that the CS-1640 does in fact provide automatic icemaker that does not require any plumbing. Inside the refrigerator is a water pitcher that fills the valve.
It provides the same advanced cooling as the CS-1660. If you want to step up to the CS-1660 then you get the LED lighting, gallon door storage and stainless wrapped sides.

Thanks for the info Kristine!

Liebherr CS-1640 at Curto's - Westchester NYC

Images of Liebherr Refrigerator Handles

Written by Appliance Dude | August 3rd, 2012

Because Liebherr’s US web site may be the absolute worst when it comes to consumer experience (message to Liebherr – I have about 16 years of experience in designing web sites that focus on “usability”, please call me to arrange a consultation!), I have taken it upon myself to post a few pictures of Liebherr product that I am frequently asked about.

For starters, many folks ask about Liebherr handle options. Here we go….

Liebherr fridge handle

[caption id="attachment_1278" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="This is Liebherr's squared-off handle. Kind of Euro, modern looking."]

Take a look at all Liebherr Refrigerators!

Talking Liebherr BioFresh: Part 1

Written by Appliance Dude | February 25th, 2012

I dragged my sick and sorry butt through this taping…would not let the cold take me down! People need info on the BioFresh fridges…let’s roll!

Part 1 will be a general overview…stay tuned for Part 2

The Only Complaint I’ve Had on a Liebherr Refrigerator…

Written by Appliance Dude | December 23rd, 2011

was regarding the ice production (or lack thereof). Take a look at the picture of the actual
ice bucket in a CS-2062 or a CS-2060. The ice will fill up about 30-40% of the way.
Liebherr figures this is plenty of ice for normal consumption + it actually makes the refrigerator
incredibly “green” or energy efficient. If you’ve been to Europe you probably know that ice cubes aren’t filled to the brim
in glasses (if you can get them at all). Ice cube production is extremely taxing from an energy standpoint and being a
German company, Liebherr just doesn’t prioritize it. And the truth is, you will probably see more American refrigeration
manufacturers following suit as tamping down on the ice production will allow for better energy ratings on the fridges.
As I told my customer who complained about the ice production, if you entertain frequently, don’t rely on the fridge for
your ice. Buy a dedicated icemaker, or invest in a couple of $1 bags of ice!

Ice Bucket on Liebherr CS2060 and CS2062

Liebherr Refrigerator Tutorial: Freestanding vs. Integrated

Written by Appliance Dude | December 19th, 2011

Liebherr refrigerators are great. However, they aren’t the easiest refrigerators to sell. Hopefully this vid will help demystify the difference between Liebherr freestanding and integrated models.

Fall 2011 Kitchen Appliance Preview: What I’m Geeked About

Written by Appliance Dude | August 17th, 2011

I’ll add to this list as I draw closer to my Fall buying show and I receive a complete list of what’s new….

Liebherr CS-2060 36″ single door fridge: This shares a similar design to the smash hit CS-2062 french door model. 20 cu ft, LED lighting, 2 compressors…winner!
The CS-2060 is definitely headed for my showroom floor.

GE Monogram 30″ Integrated Refriegrator What’s not to love about this fridge?
The seamless integrated look that melts into your cabinetry, the options (84″ or 80″ height, Euro or Pro handles), and pricing that won’t surpass the GDP of a Central American country.

– The new GE Cafe line of appliances – no pics to link to, but I’ve seen the dishwasher, new refrigerator, double oven, double oven range and cooktop. Nice stuff, won’t break the bank. Pics to follow.

DCS pro dual fuel ranges – DCS rebooted the entire line of indoor appliances back in the Spring but the dual fuel ranges lagged the rest of the line in obtaining UL approval. Well I’ve been told they’ve received that stamp and product is rolling out now. You can’t mess with DCS’ reputation for making killer pro cooking ranges. I think the new ones look sweeter than before and they’ve made a few tweaks which will let them hold their position as one of the premier pro range manufacturers.

Liebherr CS-2060 Refrigerator

Liebherr's New CS-2060 Single Door Refrigerator.