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Review: Lynx vs Alfresco Grills – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | February 13th, 2017

Alfresco 42″ Grill

Lynx 42″ Grill

Pricing $5403 $5299

Model Number ALXE-42 L42R1
Size 42″ Wide 42″ Wide
Cooking Grate Dimensions 37.25″ x 19 39 x 21
Number of Main Burners 3 3
Main Grilling Area 770 855
Sear Zone NO NO
Cook with Wood or Charcoal YES NO
Burner Material 18-SR Brass
Burner BTUs 27,500 25,000
Hood Type Spiral Torsion Spring Assist
Rotisserie Type Integrated Outboard
Rotisserie Max Weight 120lbs n/a
Rotisserie Burner BTUs 18500 16000
Cooking System Ceramic Briquettes Ceramic Briquettes
Temperature Gauge Analog Analog
Smoker Type Integrated Box
Cutout Width 40.5″ 41″
Cutout Depth 23″ 25.5″
Cutout Height 10.25″ 10 7/8″

Lynx Grill Review – Sedona vs. Professional

Written by Appliance Dude | June 8th, 2014

For years Lynx has been considered the Sub-Zero of grills.
High quality.
High price points.
While other companies have tried to break down the door and knock Lynx off their perch (Wolf) or have tried to regroup to reclaim dominance they once wielded in the outdoor kitchen / pro grill space (Viking), Lynx continuer to motor on, defending their championship belt at every turn.

In 2013 Lynx decided it was time to open the line to more price conscious wallets, a strategy Mercedes employed when they created the 190E in the late 80’s and more recently the C-class. Strategically it makes sense – let more folks drink from the Lynx cup of love, get them into the brand and you very well may have a customer for life. So with that in mind, the Lynx Sedona line was born. (more…)

Brian’s Capital and Lynx Outdoor Kitchen: Larchmont, NY

Written by Appliance Dude | August 11th, 2011

Suffice to say I was was quite stoked when I opened my emails earlier today and found one containing photos of a new outdoor kitchen in Larchmont, NY that Curto’s provided appliances for.

Outdoor Kitchen Photos from Curto's Appliances

Damn, it's time to start cooking in this gorgeous outdoor kitchen in Larchmont NY. Appliances supplied by Curto's.

Brian, the homeowner, had planned this space quite meticulously as I recall talking to him about appliances almost one year before the units were delivered to him. We went through a bunch of different options but Brian ultimately went with a Capital 40″ grill, a Capital charcoal grill, a Lynx warming drawer and a Liebherr outdoor refrigerator.

Truth be told, there were a few bumps in the road appliance-wise, specifically the Capital grill came out of the box with a defective rotisserie. Capital’s corporate service dept was very attentive (both Brian and myself spoke to Bob, Capital’s head of customer service numerous times) and soon enough the rotis was fixed and Brian was able to enjoy his outdoor space at full throttle. Brian, I am expecting an invite over for the first rotisserie-fired pig roast!

Outdoor Kitchen, Larchmont NY - Curtos.com

Check out the wood, check out the stone floor, check out the Capital grills, this man has taste!

Aside from the appliances, I think this a great case study on how to work the natural ingredients of your backyard into the design of an outdoor kitchen. Check out what Brian did with the large rock to the left of the kitchen. It blends seamlessly into the stone of the actual kitchen thus creating a feeling of continuity.

I also want to applaud his use of wood with the flooring. Very zen, very gorgeous. I have a note into Brian to detail the supplies he used for both the deck as well as the stone work around the grill.

Brian, thanks for the photos and enjoy that space!

Side view of the outdoor kitchen in Larchmont. Note how the owner installed individual lights on top of island, bypassing the use of just the grill lights.

Outdoor Grills…Wolf, Lynx and DCS

Written by Appliance Dude | August 2nd, 2011

The three premium outdoor grills that we offer are made by Wolf, Lynx and DCS.
I’m always asked which one I would choose out of the three and what I tell customers is that
you’re in a winning situation because you can’t go wrong with any of them. There are a myriad of other
companies making noise about offering “premium” outdoor grills. IMHO, those words are just that…noise.
Wolf, Lynx and DCS are the ones you need to focus on.

If you want the line that offers the most extensive product offering for a complete outdoor kitchen and who
is regarded as the leader in the outdoor grilling business, go with a Lynx.

If you are comfortable knowing that since Wolf is the leader of indoor high-end cooking appliances and feel that
will translate to the outdoor kitchen, I would go with the Wolf grills. (Note: I took a Wolf grill home this summer and
I’ve been very pleased with it).

Consider DCS if you want your dollar to travel the furthest and you like the idea of maximizing the square inches of your grilling surface – DCS does
this by leaving out the sear burner and instead turning the entire grill surface into a sear zone.

Lynx Grill Outdoor Kitchen Gallery

Written by Appliance Dude | June 30th, 2011

Shop for Lynx Outdoor Kitchens at Curtos.com

Halfway into the grilling season here in the Northeast and the Lynx grills are selling at a brisk pace.
I’ve had a few customers ask for shots of outdoor kitchens that they can use for planning so check these shots below. And if you are considering an outdoor kitchen, feel free to drop a line with questions. It’s a hell of a lot more involved than just throwing a grill head onto a slab of stone.

Lynx Grill Head Set in Stone

Lynx Outdoor 42" Grill in New Jersey

Welcome to My Lynx Palace!

Lynx Grill With Hood Approved for Outdoor Use

Shop for Lynx Outdoor Kitchens at Curtos.com