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GE Monogram Review – New Prices July 1 (refrigerators/ranges)

Written by Appliance Dude | July 2nd, 2014

As I gaze into the crystal ball I can see things developing on the GE Monogram front in the second half of the year.

New Monogram French Door Oven...Yes it Self cleans!

New Monogram French Door Oven…Yes it Self cleans!

I was very happy to see that starting July 1 GE decided to cut prices up to $1000 on some built in Monogram fridges. They also sweetened up the rebate so if you rock a full package including built-in fridge then you can receive a few free items between a dishwasher, beverage center, hood insert etc. People love the free product…go ask Thermador!

So what’s going to happen now? I think sales are going to come back over the second half of the year. Big Fall buying season coming up as folks ready their kitchens for the Holidays. WHy? How?
Here’s the formula:
Price correction + Better Rebate + New Products/Cool tech = win for consumers

I know there are folks out there who would never buy Monogram b/c it’s GE. Understood. Move on.
But for the rest of us I believe it can be a compelling alternative in the high end (yes, I consider it a “high-end” brand, not a “mass-premium” like some of its detractors like to paint it)

They have spent a fortune on R&D and are always coming out with new product. Check out the
new single Monogram French Door oven which, unlike the Viking VDOF730 french door oven, will offer self cleaning.

They have a full suite of products. They’ve invested in learning center/showrooms in both Chicago and NYC so if you live anywhere near those metro areas you have NO REASON not to be educated on Monogram (and I’d like to point out to the metro NYC customers that the crew at the Monogram center in NYC’s A&D building is top notch..Paula is the boss down there, go see her)

GE Monogram vs Thermador Appliance Battle – The Intro

Written by Appliance Dude | December 29th, 2012

Appliance Dude introduces the concept behind the appliance cage match, pitting two heralded brands against one another, round by round, product by product, until YOU, the shopper, can make heads or tails as to which direction to go in with your purchase.

Can I Use a Microwave Over a 30″ Pro Range?

Written by Appliance Dude | September 1st, 2011

I’m going to find out the answer to this question shortly.
In the past, the answer was a flat “no”. Now, I’ve heard of plenty of folks in NYC
who were limited in space to a 30″ pro range and couldn’t use a wall hood due to an inability to vent out,
so…in went the micro over the pro range. And with that probably came an increase in smoke, odor and grease all over the kitchen.

GE Monogram and DCS are changing the game as they are both touting microwaves that can be placed over their 30″ pro range offerings. GE Monogram’s flavor comes in the Advantium line, so this is souped up with the multi-function flexibility Advantium is know for – speed cooking, convection, proofing and a microwave oven all in one.
Flavors available: 120 or 220 volts. Both use a 300 cfm blower inside the micro.

DCS’ microwave doesn’t have the fancy trappings that the Advantium boasts, though it does feature convection cooking and IMHO is a better looking piece – more contemporary. I’ve ordered this one for my home kitchen so I’ll let you guys know how it is after beating on it a bit.

DCS Microwave


GE Monogram Advantium Micro

Yes! Photographic evidence direct from GE that states that you can use this micro over a pro range!

Fall 2011 Kitchen Appliance Preview: What I’m Geeked About

Written by Appliance Dude | August 17th, 2011

I’ll add to this list as I draw closer to my Fall buying show and I receive a complete list of what’s new….

Liebherr CS-2060 36″ single door fridge: This shares a similar design to the smash hit CS-2062 french door model. 20 cu ft, LED lighting, 2 compressors…winner!
The CS-2060 is definitely headed for my showroom floor.

GE Monogram 30″ Integrated Refriegrator What’s not to love about this fridge?
The seamless integrated look that melts into your cabinetry, the options (84″ or 80″ height, Euro or Pro handles), and pricing that won’t surpass the GDP of a Central American country.

– The new GE Cafe line of appliances – no pics to link to, but I’ve seen the dishwasher, new refrigerator, double oven, double oven range and cooktop. Nice stuff, won’t break the bank. Pics to follow.

DCS pro dual fuel ranges – DCS rebooted the entire line of indoor appliances back in the Spring but the dual fuel ranges lagged the rest of the line in obtaining UL approval. Well I’ve been told they’ve received that stamp and product is rolling out now. You can’t mess with DCS’ reputation for making killer pro cooking ranges. I think the new ones look sweeter than before and they’ve made a few tweaks which will let them hold their position as one of the premier pro range manufacturers.

Liebherr CS-2060 Refrigerator

Liebherr's New CS-2060 Single Door Refrigerator.

GE Monogram 30 Refrigerators: More Details

Written by Appliance Dude | August 10th, 2011

I’ve received many queries regarding the new Monogram 30 inch refrigerators and many questions
deal with how they are ordered.

There are two models to start with:

– this is the refrigerator that will use a solid door.

ZIK30GNZII – this is the glass door refrigerator. Not available until Sept/Oct 2011.

You will then need to order the right door for the 30″ refrigerator so the following questions needs to be answered:

Do you want stainless or are you going to put a custom panel on it?
What side do you want the door swinging from?
Are you using an 84″ or 80″ high design?
What types of handles do you want – Monogram Pro or the thinner Euro style, or your own custom
handles to match your cabinetry?

Other Details to Consider:
Total Capacity (cubic feet) 14.09 cu ft
Refrigerator Capacity 10.37 cu ft
Freezer Drawer Capacity 1.11 cu ft
Convertible Drawer Capacity 2.61 cu ft

GE Monogram drawers

Freezer Drawer on Monogram 30 Refrigerator

NYC Appliances: GE Monogram 30″ Range + OTR Micro

Written by Appliance Dude | August 9th, 2011

GE Monogram has released a 30″ Advantium microwave that can purportedly be used above their 30″ range.
All of the loterature found on the Monogram web site refers to the micro as an “above the cooktop” micro.
However, notice the picture below, which depicts the micro sitting comfortably above a Monogram 30″ range.
I have been told that GE is marketing this configuration for NYC apt dwellers who want a pro range but ultimately could not get one because they only had room to use a micro as the ventilation device, and historically micros were incapable of venting for pro ranges. Remember if you don’t hang the correct ventilation product above your cooking appliance, you are setting yourself up for a myriad of potential problems.

GE Monogram 30" Range

The new Monogram 30" Advantium Micro Teamed with a Monogram 30" Range

The Advantium microwave blows at 300 CFMS which may be sufficient since the 30″ Monogram ranges don’t offer griddles or grills.
The micro also comes with over 175 pre-programmed recipes and as is the case with all Advantium ovens, it offers 4 powerful ovens in one – microwave, convection oven, speed cooker and a warming/proofing function.

The micro comes in 3 flavors:
* ZSA2201RSS Advantium 240w Above the Cooktop Oven (European styling)
* ZSA1201RSS Advantium 120w Above the Cooktop Oven (European styling)
* ZSA1202RSS Advantium 120w Above the Cooktop Oven (professional styling)

The best thing about the new micros are that they qualify for the Monogram instant rebate promotion that is running through December 31 2011. So if you purchase a 30″ Monogram range along with one of the Advantium micros, you’ll immediately receive $1000 back in an instant rebate.

New Stuff: GE Monogram 30″ Fully Integrated Refrigerators are Available!

Written by Appliance Dude | August 6th, 2011

After a delay of a few months, the new GE Monogram fully-integrated 30″ refrigerators are rolling into dealer warehouses and onto showroom floors. As GE puts it:

Now Monogram is opening a new door in built-in design with models that can not only be customized, but also fully and seamlessly integrated with surrounding cabinetry. It’s the perfect answer when you’re looking for a true flush fit.


“Glass- and solid-door refrigerators can be customized with your choice of stainless steel European or professional exterior panels in an 80- or 84-inch height. Or, for a custom look, order wood panels from your cabinetmaker.”

They're Here! New Monogram 30" Refrigerators Are Available.

The translation:

– Solid door refrigerators are available NOW.
– Glass door refrigerators will be available in October
– If you don’t order the fridge in stainless you will have to order both a front AND handles from your cabinetmaker.
GE will not be selling their handles as accessories like Sub-Zero does.
– If you order a stainless unit you’ll have your choice between the thinner, tubular “Euro” handle, or the chunky, thick,
pro handle.
– The fridges comes with 2 drawers…the lower one is a freezer and the upper one is convertible between a fridge or freezer.
– Fridges are using a HFC-free system meaning that it’s ozone-friendly!

I’ve had a lot of interest in these fridges come out of NYC. Strapped for space and/or looking for a sleek, contemporary look with the flexibility of hiding the appliances behind your cabinet, rocking the stainless look or for those who keep a fastidiously neat fridge and want to show glass…GE Monogram is giving you options.

Monogram 30″ refrigerator, glass door – Coming in October!

Monogram 30″ refrigerator, solid door – ZIC30GNZII

GE Trivection Ovens vs. GE Advantium Ovens

Written by Appliance Dude | June 3rd, 2011

Following up on yesterday’s post on GE Advantium ovens, I wanted to touch upon another GE cooking technology with a funky name that they probably paid a branding firm a nice lump sum to conjure. Welcome to the world of GE Trivection technology!

What is Trivection? It’s a cooking technology that uses a combination of three heating methods: thermal, convection and microwave that cooks food up to 5x faster than a normal oven (the Advantium can cook up to 8x faster

How Does Trivection Work?
1. There are two 2500 watt bake and broil elements that provide heat from above and below the oven cavity.

2. Another dual loop 2500 watt element is in the back of the oven in front of the convection fan.

3. The fan reverses direction of air flow which contributes to optimal air flow and heat direction…RESULT = Faster Roasting Speeds, more even heating

Questions About GE Monogram Trivection Ovens

Q. How many ovens offer Trivection technology?
A. 2. A single and double, both are 30″

Q. Does GE offer a Trivection in a 27″ size?
A. No, see above. 30″ only!

Q. Can I get a Trivection oven with a thick pro handle?
A. No can do. Only available with thinner Euro handle and LCD touchscreen.

Q. Do the Trivection ovens offer Sabbath mode?
A. Yes

Q. Can I install a single Trivection oven under a counter?
A. Yes

Q. Can I install a single Trivection oven under a cooktop?
A. No

Q. Does the double oven offer Trivection in both ovens?
A. No, only in the upper oven. The lower oven is a convection/conventional oven.

So how would you decide between a Trivection or Advantium oven?
First of all, I haven’t seen many customers purchase an Advantium along with a Trivection model as they are somewhat redundant. Typically you’ll see a customer purchase an Advantium oven and place it atop a single Monogram convection oven (non-Trivection). The second oven will carry the weight of larger loads like the Thanksgiving turkey and the Advantium will handle everything from simple microwave chores to more involved cooking processes, so long as the dish can fit in the smaller sized Advantium oven.
Trivection ovens seem to stand on their own. I’ll see customers purchase a double Trivection and then team that with a microwave like a ze2160sf or zem200sf for normal, smaller microwave functions. I’ve also seen a handful of folks who will rock the single Trivection and then lay down the cash to team it with the Advantium, but that’s more of a rarity.

GE Monogram single Trivection oven