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NYC Kitchens – No Space? No Big Deal

Written by Appliance Dude | November 11th, 2015

Just because you live in cramped quarters in the most cramped city in the country doesn’t mean you have to walk around with cramps. You can still be a strutter, especially if my friend Melissa works on your kitchen. See results below.



...and after. Another killer job from Design Declutter

…and after. Another killer job from Design Declutter

A Kick-Ass NYC Kitchen Appliance Package…

Written by Appliance Dude | June 4th, 2013

The person who purchased this package loves to cook. Nothing here for show n tell with the neighbors, she’s going to kick out the jams on this merchandise almost every evening.

Range – Capital Culinarian CGMR304N 30″ open burners
Fridge – Liebherr CS1310 24″ fridge / freezer
Dishwasher – Bosch SHE7ER55UC
Hood – Best WP29M364SB 36″ hood with recirculating kit

This was a really fun kitchen to sell. A la carte packages always are because the one-brand deals (which have become so popular in the last few years) are for the lazy salesman! This package takes near best of breed in each category and when added together the customer is presented with an incredible quality + value argument without destroying their wallet.

What can I say about Capital? Well, probably alot more than I’ve done thus far. It seems to be the choice for serious-ass cooks and the beautiful lines and design of the Culinarian series certainly doesn’t hurt.

Delivering a Sub-Zero Fridge in NYC: All About the Compressor

Written by Appliance Dude | August 14th, 2012

If you live in NYC in a pre-war building and own a Sub-Zero refrigerator, odds are that you have encountered the delivery issues posed by the fridge’s compressor (the device at the top of the refrigerator which compresses gas formed in the evaporator – crucial to fridge’s operation). For those who are considering a first-time purchase of a Sub-Zero and you live in a pre-war apt or one that doesn’t offer an elevator more than 84″ in height, welcome to the club, you need your compressor removed!

The typical delivery/installation of a “comp-off” Sub-Zero in NYC is as follows.

1. Your address is checked against SubZero database of addresses requiring comp-off services. Or, a survey is performed to inspect your building’s elevator and route to your apartment.

2. Sub-Zero is delivered with comp-off by trucking company. The fridge needs to be left outside it’s hole and must have 3ft of space on each of four sides.

3. Sub-Zero sends third party technician to place the compressor back on the unit. THEY DO NOT ATTACH WATER OR INSTALL THE FRIDGE.

4. Sub-Zero truckers or your contractor installs new Sub-Zero.

Of course if you have an existing Sub-Zero that needs to be removed that complicates the process further b/c that compressor must be removed as well on-site.
No one said it was easy!!

NYC Kitchen Appliances: Elena’s Wolf, ASKO, SubZero Kitchen

Written by Appliance Dude | June 15th, 2012

The scene is a tony Upper East Side apartment. An elevator opens up to a loft space.
White walls. High ceilings. Open floor plan. What are we doing with the kitchen?
Elena designed the kitchen and cabinets herself. Appliance-wise she rolled with an ASKO stainless integrated dishwasher (she was the owner of an ASKO dw at her prior residence and swore by it, which is the typical sentiment from ASKO owners), Wolf 30″ dual fuel range DF304, and a SubZero Bi36 framed refrigerator. She also has Bosch Axxis 24″ laundry tucked away and stacked in a closet.
Beautiful design here Elena.

NYC Kitchen Appliance - Curto's Appliances

Elean’s Upper East Side Kitchen. Wolf DF304 range, SubZero 36″ Framed refrigerator, ASKO integrated dishwasher.

NYC Appliances: GE Monogram 30″ Range + OTR Micro

Written by Appliance Dude | August 9th, 2011

GE Monogram has released a 30″ Advantium microwave that can purportedly be used above their 30″ range.
All of the loterature found on the Monogram web site refers to the micro as an “above the cooktop” micro.
However, notice the picture below, which depicts the micro sitting comfortably above a Monogram 30″ range.
I have been told that GE is marketing this configuration for NYC apt dwellers who want a pro range but ultimately could not get one because they only had room to use a micro as the ventilation device, and historically micros were incapable of venting for pro ranges. Remember if you don’t hang the correct ventilation product above your cooking appliance, you are setting yourself up for a myriad of potential problems.

GE Monogram 30" Range

The new Monogram 30" Advantium Micro Teamed with a Monogram 30" Range

The Advantium microwave blows at 300 CFMS which may be sufficient since the 30″ Monogram ranges don’t offer griddles or grills.
The micro also comes with over 175 pre-programmed recipes and as is the case with all Advantium ovens, it offers 4 powerful ovens in one – microwave, convection oven, speed cooker and a warming/proofing function.

The micro comes in 3 flavors:
* ZSA2201RSS Advantium 240w Above the Cooktop Oven (European styling)
* ZSA1201RSS Advantium 120w Above the Cooktop Oven (European styling)
* ZSA1202RSS Advantium 120w Above the Cooktop Oven (professional styling)

The best thing about the new micros are that they qualify for the Monogram instant rebate promotion that is running through December 31 2011. So if you purchase a 30″ Monogram range along with one of the Advantium micros, you’ll immediately receive $1000 back in an instant rebate.