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Review: Wolf OG54 Outdoor Grill – Bronxville NY

Written by Appliance Dude | September 28th, 2015

Here’s a Wolf OG54 54″ outdoor grill in lovely Bronxville NY.
Customer also purchased Wolf drawers, side burner and SubZero outdoor fridge. Suffice to say, they love it!
Read more about the Wolf Og54 grill and my experience with its 36″ version at the Curtos.com blog.

Wolf OG54 54" built-in grill along with side burner, drawers and not seen this shot a SubZero outdoor fridge.

Wolf OG54 54″ built-in grill along with side burner, drawers and not seen this shot a SubZero outdoor fridge.

Review: DCS BGC36-BQAR-L 36″ Grill – Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | July 7th, 2015

Review of the DCS BGC36bq-ar-n 36″ Grill

The new DCS BGC36bq-ar-n is a volcanic grill.
If heat is what you want, then roll with this grill. The addition of
heat shields to the firebox reflect all heat back up to the grates to create an infernal temp that would make Godzilla smile. However you may find yourself in need of a good pair of grill mitts. I went with the Steve Raichlen models which are touted on America’s Test Kitchen.

“Near-Perfect” Ribs on my Kamado Joe

Written by Appliance Dude | July 6th, 2015

I knew the ribs I made on the 4th of July were really good due to my family’s reaction to them at dinner time, but after I took a look at Amazinribs.com picture of the “perfect” baby back rib, I realized I came damn close to nailing it! This was a special cook b/c I finally decided to break out of my conservative shell of cooking burgers and chicken breasts and decide to tackle the iconic babyback rib. I incorporated rubs, a mop sauce, a rib rack and
used Kamado Joe Hickory wood chunks to create a flavor bomb.

I was guided by Steve Raichlen’s “First Timer Ribs” recipe which calls for cooking the ribs at a hotter temp (350 degrees as opposed to 225) which results in a shorter cooking time (1.5 hrs). I used a 4×4 rub combination again via Mr. Raichlen

– onion powder

– paprika

– sea salt

– pepper

I also used a Raichlen recipe for a mop sauce which I applied several times throughout the cook to keep ribs moist. This consisted of: bourbon, low sodium soy sauce, salted butter and apple cider.
Result – incredible juicy ribs surrounded by a tasty, aromatic bark.
Family loved them! Enjoy the pics and remember to call or visit us at Curto’s for all your kamado needs.

First time I opened the lid to check the ribs. What a smell!

First time I opened the lid to check the ribs. What a smell!

Ribs are getting closer to the finish line. I pulled them about 5-10 mins after this was taken.

Ribs are getting closer to the finish line. I pulled them about 5-10 mins after this was taken.

Ribs are finished and waiting to be cut.

Ribs are finished and waiting to be cut.

Note the subcutaneous pink rim - that's the smoke ring and that means you've nailed it!

Note the subcutaneous pink rim – that’s the smoke ring and that means you’ve nailed it!

Kamado Joe Cooking Tips

Written by Appliance Dude | July 1st, 2015

Shop for Kamado Joe Grills at Curto’s

Four weeks after I received my Kamodo Joe Grill I continue to grill (and drink ice cold beer) at a pace that would make any Texan pitmaster proud…and I am happy to say I am doing a helluva job (go ask my wife).

I was anticipating a steep learning curve with multiple ruined dishes but that hasn’t been the case. So far I’ve only scorched a beef shish kebob, a pork chop and a few hamburgers. To make your grilling lives easier I will post my mistakes and victories here, and to start you off check out this guide that Kamado Joe supplied me with. It’s a great one-sheet on best practices to get the most out of your Joe. My comments where warranted follow in italics.

A Cross Section of the Exclusive Kamodo Joe Divide and Conquer Cooking System.

Kamado Joe Charcoal & Air Flow Tips

1 – Build a mound that starts just below the holes in the side of the firebox with the peak of the mound poking just below top of the fire ring
2 – Build mound with large chunks at the bottom and smaller ones as you build up I’ve learned that if you just dump the charcoal in without arranging it like a mini mountain, smaller pieces can block the air holes which will prevent you from reaching grilling and searing temperatures
3 – Charcoal can be re-lit 2-3 times for multiple cooks. Use the ash tool to stir the used charcoal so the ashes fall through the fire grate. Add 1/3 new charcoal to existing and build a new mound. A full firebox of fresh charcoal is recommended for smoking and searing temps.

Kamodo Joe Lighting Tips

1- Light the charcoal with a fire starter or two and open the bottom draft door and open the dome up I use 2 fire starters and it typically takes me about 10-15 minutes to get to temperature so it’s not that far removed from a gas grill in terms of waiting time for the right temp
2 – Wait 8-10 minutes for a small bed of embers to form
3 – Close the dome, open the top vent fully and adjust the air flow as needed as you near the target temperature


Controlling the Kamodo Joe Temperature

1 – Close the lid and fully open the top vent
2 – When you are 25 degrees from your target temp close the top down to about 1/4 open We call this coasting to your temperature
3 – Wait one minute and close or open the top vent to lower or increase the temperature. A 1/4″ move can alter the temperature by as much as 25 degrees

Achieving Low Temperatures on Your Kamado Joe Grill

1 – For low and slow temps like 225 degrees start with a very small fire in one area of the charcoal
2 – Close the lid and allow the temperature to come up slowly with the draft door open 2″ and the top vent open 1/2″ and the daisy wheel holes fully open
3 – This method should take 30-45 minutes to reach your target temp and it will ensure a long, slow, steady cooking period. key point – it’s easy to raise the temp but tough to lower it if you overshoot it

Review: Kamado Joe…The Best Damn Grill I Have Ever Used

Written by Appliance Dude | June 20th, 2015

After cooking on a Kamado Joe grill for the past 2 weeks, I am ready to make and stand firmly behind the following statement:
This is the best damn grill I have ever used (and I have used some damn good grills).

I own a new DCS BGC36BQAR which is barely a month old and while it’s a fine grill, I have basically abandoned it for the Kamado Joe.


The food coming off the kamado simply tastes better and is moister than the results from the premium high end gas grills.
The combination of the lump hardwood charcoal which imparts a smoky flavor plus the incredible insulation provided by the ceramic walls of the kamado which retains flavor/moisture has lead this foodie to grilling nirvana.

Let’s just be 100% transparent – as a dealer I make much more profit selling stainless high-end grills than a Kamado Joe, but the results from the kamado are so superior that it is my duty as a bbq bodissatva to spread the truth. You must go kamado!

Here is a picture gallery from my first Kamado cook. In this one I grilled some pork chops, wild salmon and the piece de resistance was a prime ribeye from my guy Mini in Bronxville, NY which will be the focus of this photo gallery. Feast your eyes on the following and stay tuned for more kamado posts!

kamado joe

The Appliance Dude gets ready to rock the Kamado joe. Where’s the beer?!

Liquid Aloha!!!!

Longboard Ale from Hawaii. Liquid Aloha!!!!

Here are my two firestarters. They got the Kamado Joe firing away in about 15 mins.

Here are my two firestarters. They got the Kamado Joe firing away in about 15 mins.

Two beautiful ribeye steals from Mini's of Bronxville decorated with Jake's Coffee Rub.

Two beautiful ribeye steaks from Mini’s of Bronxville decorated with Jake’s Coffee Rub.

The ribeye's are searing away on the Kamado Joe.

The ribeye’s are searing away on the Kamado Joe.

The thermometer doesn't lie! Medium rare here we go!

The thermometer doesn’t lie! Medium rare here we go!

Medium rare perfection. Side to side pinkness.  Juicy.  Incredible caramelization with a photo-worthy bark on top.

Medium rare perfection. Side to side pinkness.
Incredible caramelization with a photo-worthy bark on top.

Review: DCS 36 Grill Grease Management System – DCS BGC36BQARN

Written by Appliance Dude | June 3rd, 2015

Shop for the DCS BGC36BQARN at Curto’s

What sets DCS grills apart from the competition is their patented Grease Management System. The system features channeled grates which are sloped into a trough in the front of the grill. Grease is funneled from the food (and away from the burners) thus limiting the amount of sustained flare ups which are the bane of any griller.

This quick video clearly illustrates the DCS Grease Management system at work. I took an incredibly juicy Kobe beef burger which had flavorful juice seeping from it. My former grill would have lit up like the Bonfire of the Vanities as the juices would have had nowhere to go but on the burners. In this case, watch the DCS pull the grease away.

Kamado Joe…

Written by Appliance Dude | May 19th, 2015


Kamado Joe grills at Curto's

Review: New DCS BGC36BQARN Grill – Hot as H–L!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 16th, 2015

I’ve owned the new DCS BGC36BQARN for about 3 weeks now and I continue to test it in a variety of ways to see if it’s up to snuff and a true leader in the premium grills category. One thing that I have observed multiple times is that this grill is HOT AS H-LL. When I used to fire up my Wolf OG36 grill, I would put it on high, close the lid and come back to it about 10 minutes and I’d be ready to cook, sear or do whatever. With the DCS, all I have to do is put it on the MED or HIGH setting (forget about SEAR!) and within 5-7 mins this grill is white hot. So much so that I’ve had some problems pulling hamburgers or chicken burgers off the back portion of the grates b/c I can’t stretch my arms over the grates, even at an elevated level. That’s lead to my next grill-related purchase.
After 4 years of grilling with a Weber Summit and the Wolf OG36, I never experienced such heat that I needed to back off the grill (or get gloves). I’m convinced that this is due to the new DCS grill design for 2015 which includes a stainless heat reflector shield built around the base of the burner. This shield will reflect any heat that is moving in a downward direction to be reflected back up towards the grates so as to improve heating efficiency. It’s my belief that this is the most significant addition to the new DCS grills in 2015, surpassing that of the hybrid IR insert burner and the griddle accessory. A hot grill is a great grill and DCS has certainly upped the heat ante with these shields.

Review: New DCS Grill – IR Sear Burner – BGC36BQAR

Written by Appliance Dude | April 30th, 2015

I’ve been playing around with the new DCS BGC36BQAR-L and it’s IR hybrid burner insert.
Not that DCS needed something like this b/c it’s been the only grill that allowed for full-surface searing but the market place
has called out for a dedicated sear component, so this is what DCS came up with. I love the fact that they still aren’t tethered to a fixed sear burner which takes up valuable grilling real estate. You can pop the sear insert over any burner and watch it glow! Watch the video and learn and any questions please visit us at the showroom or give us a call – and yes we ship DCS nationwide.
1966 Central Park Ave
Yonkers NY 10710

New Alfresco Grill Pics : Reviews/Ratings

Written by Appliance Dude | April 24th, 2015

7/30/15 – Editor’s note: The new Alfresco ALXE grills have just been released. For more information on them please visit the new Curto’s Alfresco blog at curtos.com

Feast your eyes on some new Alfresco grill outdoor kitchen pics. The pictures probably do a better job explaining all of the possibilities with the Alfresco line of grills (which can be dizzying once you start poring though their catalog). As I’ve stated to many folks walking through the showroom doors, if you are a serious griller (or aspire to be), especially one who envisions using their grill year round, Alfresco is the way to go because of the safety features and protection it provides for the wiring and igniters (which are always the problematic parts on grills).
Enjoy and if you want to see the Alfresco built-in grill with its various accoutrements come visit the Curto’s showroom in Westchester County NY.

Alfresco's new ALXE series grill

Alfresco’s new ALXE series grill

Alfresco grill with Steamer/Fryer Insert

Alfresco grill with Steamer/Fryer Insert

Alfresco Grill Herb Smoker

The Alfresco Grill Works!

The Alfresco Grill Works!