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2012: New Electrolux French Door Refigerators – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | March 19th, 2012

Ok, here we go now…much as I did last fall, I took a short vid of my Electrolux salesman talking
about the new french door fridges which are about to come out. Yes, that is the truth…they are on the verge of coming out – I’ve been told they will be in dealer showrooms next month.

In this clip you will see the standard depth 28 cu ft with NO ice/water in the door. The fridge is loaded with
features – LED lighting, soft close doors, glass spill-proof shelves….quite frankly it is a beautiful fridge…let’s just hope it works!

PS – the sounds cuts out somewhere in the middle of the clip but comes on again shortly thereafter.
Sound is overrated anyway…it’s all in the pics!

Check out all Electrolux French Door Refigerators.


Talking Liebherr BioFresh: Part 1

Written by Appliance Dude | February 25th, 2012

I dragged my sick and sorry butt through this taping…would not let the cold take me down! People need info on the BioFresh fridges…let’s roll!

Part 1 will be a general overview…stay tuned for Part 2

New in 2012: Electrolux French Door Refrigerators – EW23BC85KS

Written by Appliance Dude | February 8th, 2012

UPDATE – March 4 2012
OK here is what Electrolux has handed off to me.
1 – new fridges will be available around mid-March. (I will be seeing them (again) next Friday at my regional appliance buying show so I will take some
more pics and vids and try to get some more info from Elux).

2 – Here are some skus, I should have product info on www.curtos.com at the beginning of this week.

Counter Depth Wave touch Models: ( I have a video of one of these below)
EW23BC85 – dispenser model
EW23BC80 – non dispenser

Counter Depth IQ Touch Models:
EI23BC65 – dispenser
EI23BC60 – non-dispenser
Ei23BC35 – dispenser
Ei23BS35 – dispenser

Standard Depth Wave Touch Models
EW28BS85 – dispenser

Standard Depth IQ Touch Models
EI28BS65 – dispenser
EI28BS60 – non – dispenser
Ei28BS35 – dispenser

The only current model staying in the lineup is the EI27BS26 (dispenser) and Ei27BS16 (non dispenser)
These are staying b/c the icemaker was untouched by the rash of problems that hit Electrolux in the first generation of the

The new fridges should be out next month…fingers crossed!
They look great, here’s to Electrolux getting this right….

Actual video clips of the EW23BC85KS. Shot in September 2011.

Sub-Zero Flush Inset vs. Overlay Refrigerators

Written by Appliance Dude | January 4th, 2012

Remember, whether you want a flush inset look or a panel-ready look that will jut out from the cabinet, you must buy an “overlay” Sub-Zero model.
Then, you need to let your cabinet people go to work. Flush inset style requires the cabinets to be a 2 3/16″ deeper.

So, it’s the same fridge, just different measurements for the cabinets.

Let the pictures tell the story.

Sub-Zero flush_inset refrigerator

Sub-Zero Refrigerator With Flush Inset Application

Sub-Zero Overlay Refrigerator With Custom Panels – Notice How the Sides Jut Out Compared to the Flush Inset Model.

Fisher Paykel E522BR Refrigerators – The Only Choice…

Written by Appliance Dude | October 5th, 2011

…if you are looking for a cabinet-depth refrigerator LESS than 36″.

If you’ve been researching cabinet-depth refrigerators, you’re research has undoubtedly shown that most are 36″ wide. Why? Because they need to make up for the lack of depth by going WIDER.

However if you are replacing an old fridge with funky dimensions or you are working within the constraints of
a tiny kitchen/cabinet layout, Fisher Paykel has an answer for you.

The E522 bottom freezer fridge is cabinet depth yet only 31 1/8″ wide. The height is 66 3/4.
The fridge comes in 2 funky shapes – a flat door with a squared-off handle (e522BRXFD) and a version with a slightly curved door and handle (E522BRX). Color options are white, black and stainless.

Most E522 models don’t offer an icemaker, instead opting for ice cube trays.
However, if you must have an icemaker you can go with the E522BRXU which not only has said
icemaker but also offers filtered water through the door. NOTE – a very cool feature with the E522BRXU is that even though it offers water through the door, the water dispenser does not take away any room inside the fridge as the water line is plumbed inside the door. Funky.

The only drawback with the E522’s are that they aren’t Energy Star rated. I’ve also had a few shoppers note that they didn’t like the slide-out freezer drawers. If the freezer configuration is an issue, I would move to to the newer RF175WCRX1 which has a full extension slide-out freezer (but is over an inch wider). I’ll post more on that later.

So if you’re pinched for space and want to roll cabinet-depth style these Fisher Paykel refrigerators are the the ones to check out.

Fisher Paykel fridge

Fisher Paykel E522BRXFD - flat door fridge

Fisher Paykel Curved Front with Water Dispenser

New Electrolux French Door Refrigerators Delayed – 10/11

Written by Appliance Dude | October 3rd, 2011

Just as I was waxing about the new Electrolux French door fridges I recently saw at our buying show (and heralding their imminent release) I received the news that they were being delayed until the beginning of 2012. Of course my first question to my Elux rep was “So what went wrong this time?”. I was told that there aren’t any problems, they just decided to slow the launch, ensure perfection, and roll these fridges out in the 1Q of 2012. I can’t blame them for wanting to get things right after being blasted for the last two years about all of their problems, but why did you have to excite me at the show?! In any case, if there is any further change to the release date I will post the details here.

Fall 2011 Kitchen Appliance Preview: What I’m Geeked About

Written by Appliance Dude | August 17th, 2011

I’ll add to this list as I draw closer to my Fall buying show and I receive a complete list of what’s new….

Liebherr CS-2060 36″ single door fridge: This shares a similar design to the smash hit CS-2062 french door model. 20 cu ft, LED lighting, 2 compressors…winner!
The CS-2060 is definitely headed for my showroom floor.

GE Monogram 30″ Integrated Refriegrator What’s not to love about this fridge?
The seamless integrated look that melts into your cabinetry, the options (84″ or 80″ height, Euro or Pro handles), and pricing that won’t surpass the GDP of a Central American country.

– The new GE Cafe line of appliances – no pics to link to, but I’ve seen the dishwasher, new refrigerator, double oven, double oven range and cooktop. Nice stuff, won’t break the bank. Pics to follow.

DCS pro dual fuel ranges – DCS rebooted the entire line of indoor appliances back in the Spring but the dual fuel ranges lagged the rest of the line in obtaining UL approval. Well I’ve been told they’ve received that stamp and product is rolling out now. You can’t mess with DCS’ reputation for making killer pro cooking ranges. I think the new ones look sweeter than before and they’ve made a few tweaks which will let them hold their position as one of the premier pro range manufacturers.

Liebherr CS-2060 Refrigerator

Liebherr's New CS-2060 Single Door Refrigerator.

Comparing Liebherr 36 Refriegrators: CS2062 vs. HC2062

Written by Appliance Dude | August 12th, 2011

The popularity of Liebherr 36 refrigerators has skyrocketed in the last year. Appliance shoppers seem to be smitten by the Liebherr French door fridges’ great looks, reasonable price points (for built-in looking refrigerators) and quality craftsmanship.

With the increase in attention and sales also comes a bit of confusion as Liebherr is not the easiest line
to sell. For instance, every single consumer I have dealt with that eventually bought their most popular fridge – the CS-2062 – ultimately asked what the differences were between that model and the HC-2062 and the HCS-2062.

Liebherr CS-2062

If you want a freestanding unit, wrapped in stainless, buy this one.
If you want to save money, put the fridge in-between cabinets and still get a “built-in” look,
buy this fridge. It’s about $1000 less than the HC series that I will describe next.
Biggest difference is that these units 1) have the “Liebherr” logo faintly emblazoned on the front of one of the doors and 2) use a different hinge system than the HC series. The hinge system difference is very important bc if you want the CS-2062 to appear built-in, you need to compensate for it’s hinges which stick out on the top.

Hinge on Liebherr CS 2062 refrigerator

Liebherr logo on CS 2062 refrigerator. This is not visible on the HC 2062 integrated stainless model.

Liebherr HC(S)-2062

This is the 36 French door refrigerator that Liebherr classifies as their “integrated” refrigerator.
To me, it’s called a built-in. Similar to the SubZero 700 series, these fridges are meant to be flush with your cabinets. If you are paneling your fridge with custom cabinetry, buy the HC-2062. If you want the flush look but opt for stainless, buy the HCS-2062 AND the stainless panel kit. They are NOT sold together so make sure your salesperson includes the kit or you will be staring at a fridge with no front on it.

GE Monogram 30 Refrigerators: More Details

Written by Appliance Dude | August 10th, 2011

I’ve received many queries regarding the new Monogram 30 inch refrigerators and many questions
deal with how they are ordered.

There are two models to start with:

– this is the refrigerator that will use a solid door.

ZIK30GNZII – this is the glass door refrigerator. Not available until Sept/Oct 2011.

You will then need to order the right door for the 30″ refrigerator so the following questions needs to be answered:

Do you want stainless or are you going to put a custom panel on it?
What side do you want the door swinging from?
Are you using an 84″ or 80″ high design?
What types of handles do you want – Monogram Pro or the thinner Euro style, or your own custom
handles to match your cabinetry?

Other Details to Consider:
Total Capacity (cubic feet) 14.09 cu ft
Refrigerator Capacity 10.37 cu ft
Freezer Drawer Capacity 1.11 cu ft
Convertible Drawer Capacity 2.61 cu ft

GE Monogram drawers

Freezer Drawer on Monogram 30 Refrigerator