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Erin’s Thermador Kitchen Appliances – Bronxville, NY

Written by Appliance Dude | April 21st, 2011

Erin came to Curto’s looking for a kitchen appliance package that she could integrate with her cabinetry in her new kitchen in Bronxville. She gave some thought to GE Monogram but ultimately decided to go with a Thermador appliance package and one piece from SubZero. She placed custom panels on the 36″ built-in Freedom Series french door refrigerator, paneled the free Thermador dishwasher and also bought a 6-burner 36″ Thermador dual fuel range placed under a Thermador insert hood. Typically I’m not a fan of paneled appliances but Erin’s fridge is changing my mind. Brilliantly gorgeous!

Appliances used in Erin’s Bronxville kitchen:
– 36″ Thermador dual fuel range – PRD366GHU
– 36″ Thermador French door refrigerator – T361T71NNP
– Thermador integrated dishwasher – DWHD630GPR
– 36″ Thermador insert – VCI236DS
– SubZero undercounter refrigerator – 700BR
– 30″ Thermador wall oven – P0D301

Random Notes on Thermador Steam Oven, New Electrolux Washers

Written by Appliance Dude | July 10th, 2010

I promise there won’t be any mention of LeBron James here…whoops….

I’ve had a bunch of people inquire about the Thermador combination steam convection oven since I wrote about it last week.
Please keep in mind that this oven won’t be available until August and from what I’ve been told Thermador hasn’t shipped any models for dealer floors.
This oven seems to be a hot little number…I’ve already sold a few sight-unseen…as soon as I more info about release date I will post immediately…

Electrolux is talking up their new frontload washers…they’ve made them larger and have now cut wash times down to 15 minutes. I asked my Electrolux rep how they are able to continue to shrink wash times down and he answered with an emphatic “I have absolutely no clue!”. I guess it’s magic. At this rate, in another year Electrolux will have this wash-time thing down to the point where all you will have to do is wave your soiled clothes in front of the Wave Touch Panel and they will be all fresh n’ clean. Geniuses at work!

Electrolux Washer EWFLS70JMB at Curtos.com

Electrolux Washer EWFLS70JMB at Curtos.com

Thermador’s Sexy New Steam Oven –

Written by Appliance Dude | July 3rd, 2010

If you are a health-minded cook (or you just want something cool hanging in your kitchen) you’ll probably want to check out Thermador’s new
steam ovens
. The MES301HP (pro series with thick handle) and the MES301HS (Masterpiece series handle) are insanely great additions to Thermador’s premium lineup of wall ovens. It’s the first oven to combine three distinct cooking styles -steam, true convection and combi steam and convection. It also boasts 40 preset food settings.

Thermador Steam Oven Professional Series

One of the cool things about this oven is that it’s larger than the other steam offerings on the market. The 1.1 cu ft oven cavity can fit a 14lb turkey and according to Thermador’s cooking experts, cooking a bird in combination mode for 90 minutes will result in a perfectly moist inside and gorgeous crust on the outside.

Here is a pic of the inside of the oven:

Thermador Steam Convection Oven at Curto's

Inside of Thermador's Steam Oven

Here are the 9 cooking modes available to meet just about any cooking need:

* True Convection (85-450°F) – A fan on the back wall distributes the heat evenly throughout. Perfect for moist cakes, sponge cakes and braised meat.
* Steaming (95-210°F) – Perfect for vegetables, fish, sides and extracting fruit juice.
* Combination (250-450°F) – A blend of steam and convection modes. Perfect for fish, soufflés and baked goods.
* Reheat (210-360°F) – Cooked food is gently reheated. The inflow of steam keeps the food moist, and brings back the original flavor, texture and crispness.
* Proof (95-120°F) – Steam and convection modes are combined to keep the surface of bread dough from drying out. This special cooking mode enables the dough to rise much faster than at room temperature.
* Slow Cook (140-250°F) – Tenderizes all meat cuts and types, especially roast beef and leg of lamb.
* Defrost (95-140°F) – Steam and convection modes are combined. Humidity transfers heat to the food, maintaining its moisture and shape. Ideal for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
* Keep Warm (140-210°F) – Designed to keep food warm for up to one hour without drying it out.
* Dish Warm (85-160°F) – This mode prevents food in preheated ovenware from cooling as quickly. Perfect for ovenware and plates

Check out the bread baked in the Thermador Steam oven by Chef Brad Peterson…DEELISH!

Bread Baked in the Thermador Steam Oven

Bread Baked in the Thermador Convection Steam Oven

People seem to be sold on the idea…I’ve already sold one sight unseen!

The MES301HP and MES301HS will be available on August 1 and will retail for between $3299 and $3499.

Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | November 11th, 2009

Thermador appliances is taking steps to make sure they are not solely viewed as a cooking appliance company. Over the last few years they have introduced wave after wave of new products, and now they are touting their new line of dishwashers. They’ve released three new ones, dubbed Quartz, Emerald and Sapphire armed with the ability to

  • wash delicate crystal glasses
  • clean heavily soiled pots and pans
  • Thermador_Sapphire_Dishwasher_Curtos

    Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher at Curto's Appliances

    The Sapphire dishwasher in particular offers a large and versatile capacity that can accommodate 15 place settings, more utensils, crystal and pots, so home entertainers can spend more time entertaining and less time cleaning. So after entertaining guests with your recipe for chicken rollatini in a zesty lemon and herb sauce be confident that Thermador’s Sapphire dishwasher will be up to the task of cleaning up.

    So now we shift to the important stuff. Like what is the price of this Thermador dishwasher? Which appliance stores offer discount prices on it?
    Well, Thermador products are under a UMRP price policy, so every dealer should be quoting around the same price (yeah, okaaaayy).
    As of November 11th, prices are:

    Thermador DWHD651GFP Sapphire dishwasher – $1999
    Thermador DWHD630GCM Emerald dishwasher – $1299
    Thermador DWHD410GFM Quartz dishwasher – $949

    Thermador Pro Harmony Ranges

    Written by Appliance Dude | September 11th, 2009

    Thermador just snuck some changes to their pro cooking line in on me.
    The Pro Harmony ranges (the 24″ deep ones that are flush with your cabinetry, as opposed to the 27″ deep Professional Series which has the bullnose).
    Noted changes include :

    – 18K BTU on every burner
    – Fastest time to boil in the biz
    – Two extra low burners rated at 375 BTU
    – Black porcelain maintop
    – 36″ Thermador ranges offer 5.0 cu ft capacity
    – ExtraLow feature cycles StarBurner as low as 100 degrees F

    Thermador Pro Harmony Gas Ranges

    Thermador Pro Harmony Gas Ranges


    Thermador Star Burners – Curto’s Appliances

    Written by Appliance Dude | August 14th, 2009

    Thermador Star Burner Alight

    Thermador Star Burner Alight

    Recently I had a customer shopping for appliances from Fairfield County, Connecticut stop by the Curto’s appliance showroom. He was putting together a kitchen and had a great idea as to what he wanted, however there was a question regarding his choice of a cooktop. He had been sold on the Wolf CT36G/S, but after some online research, he started to drift towards the Thermador SGSX365FS. Why?

    The patented Thermador Star Burners.

    Thermador touts that the Star Burner system is the most efficient gas burner design in the marketplace.

    It boasts:

    – A single point ignition that reduces noise when igniting.
    Maximum BTU output of 18,000BTU/HR

    Thermador states that the Star Burner’s shape creates a perimeter that is 56% longer and has more flame ports than a comparable round burner. So, what you get is a superior flame spread and reduced cold spot, which equates to faster and more even heating.

    The Star Burner is a unique selling point for Thermador and as we continue to sell their products, consumers continue to give positive feedback on them. The one caveat is that when their simmer burner is set to the EXTRA LOW feature, which takes it to 275 BTU’s, it will make a clicking noise every minute. I have had a small number of customers complain about this. However, my view is that there aren’t many (if any) other burners in the marketplace that will allow you to go this low, so the click is worth it. Plus, you can take the regular Star Burners down to 350, so in effect they can act as your simmer burner without the noise.

    Thermador Professional Series Wall Ovens at Curto’s Appliances

    Written by Appliance Dude | August 13th, 2009

    Face of Thermador Wall Oven at Curto's Appliances

    Face of Thermador Wall Oven at Curto's Appliances

    One of my clients in Scarsdale in Westchester County NY recently purchased high end kitchen appliances from Curto’s and opted to mix brands. The wall oven was a Thermador, the cooking range was from another high-end competitor.
    I received a phone call from them 3 months after delivery and they stated that they loved the Thermador Professional Series oven and wished that they had purchased an entire Thermador kitchen because the other brands didn’t meet the performance of the Thermador. Another strong testament to the power of Thermador’s wall ovens. They are damn good pieces.

    Thermador’s calling card is their wall ovens, and their Professional Series sets the standard for high end cooking appliances. The Thermador Professional Series Built-in Oven features:

    Speed Convection which reduces cooking time up to 30%
    The largest oven capacity at 4.7 cu ft.
    – A heavy duty rotisserie which boasts a 12 lb capacity
    True convection cooking for quick and even results
    – A superfast preheat which can heat up the oven in less than 7 minutes
    Fastest self-clean in the market (2 hours)
    Sturdy telescopic racks which glide smoothly on ball bearings – this means safe, easy access to your meals

    The Thermador Professional Series Ovens are only available in 30″ wide varieties.

    Prices range from $3999 for the 30″ single Deluxe to $5799 for the triple combination Micro/wall oven/warming drawer.

    Video: Thermador Pro Range. The Price is Right Folks!

    Written by Appliance Dude | July 23rd, 2009

    I found this video from an HGTV program that highlighted the Thermador Pro Grand range. The designers take the clients to the Purcell Murray showroom and wax on about the beauty of this piece.

    Thermador’s Pro ranges are among my favorites. I’ll discuss further in another post. For now, enjoy the video.