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Viking Holiday Wrap: New Viking Grills, Tuscany Range and More on the Way

Written by Appliance Dude | December 21st, 2014

As I reported last week, the best selling Viking 30″ range – RVGR3305BSS -is being replaced by a new SKU – RVGR3315BSS. Haven’t received all of the details regarding the change but I’ve been told the biggest difference will be slightly different wiring scheme. Sounds to me like end users won’t see a functional difference. I’ll have more soon.

New Viking 5 series outdoor grills are on the way as well. Again, there were some minor tweaks from the 2014 models, but I should have more info on them hopefully this week. And why may you ask am I talking grills several days before Christmas in a freezing and gloomy Northeast (has anyone seen the sun in the last week?) Because GRILL SEASON IS UPON US! I’ll devote a separate post to the mighty outdoors itself but we are still seeing grills being purchased and we have started to hear from customers who are planning outdoor kitchens for the Spring / early summer. I am excited about the new Viking product as they are refocusing on outdoors after a lost 2014 because of their emphasis on the new indoor product – 7 series ranges, French door ovens, etc. This will be a big Viking grill year, so as promised when the new specs and features comes my way, it’s on here.

Lastly, I’ve been told that the Viking Tuscany range which received so much love at the 2014 KBIS and Architectural Digest shows is about to hit the street, sometime in early 2015. If you are looking for an ornate Euro style range in the vein of Aga, Le Cornue, etc, then take a look at this piece.
Details to follow…

48″ Viking Tuscany Range – Coming Soon

Viking RVGR3305BSS Range Changing…New Model: RVGR3315

Written by Appliance Dude | December 13th, 2014

One of my most popular 30″ ranges is going to bid us sweet adieu…yes the Viking 3-Series RVGR3305BSS is retiring to appliance Valhalla and will be replaced by the new RVGR3315BSS. Don’t know if there is a form/feature difference but should know in the next few days.

Curto’s Appliances Yelp Reviews That Yelp Doesn’t Want You to See

Written by Appliance Dude | September 29th, 2014


Yelp and their silly-ass review filter are just too funny.

It’s really strange how none of our recent positive reviews make it to the standard Yelp review page and are instead relegated to the “Not Recommended” page.

Conversely you can have reviews like the NYC reviewer from summer 2014 with no prior activity on Yelp, who wrote a 75% fictitious review and it sticks to our main Yelp review page.

Hey Yelp! So much for your review filter!

I hope this isn’t because Curto’s stopped advertising on Yelp back in 2011?

Anyway, I proudly offer you “Curto’s Reviews on Yelp That Yelp Doesn’t Want You to See”

Bertazzoni Range Review – Bella Figura!

Written by Appliance Dude | September 11th, 2014


It’s official, I have developed a crush on Bertazzoni ranges.

La Bella Figura!

That’t the Italian concept of looking good.
In fashion.
In Art.
Actually in any element of design.
You see it in their cars. Their plates of pasta. Their shoes. Their hairstyles. Their scooters.

I lived in Italia for awhile and you can see “bella figura” steeped in every aspect of their culture (actually one could argue that they need to start focusing less on $*@*@ looking good and more on innovation and pumping up a shit economy, but this isn’t the forum for that folks!)

When I look at the Bertazzoni line of appliances, I see bella figura everywhere.
As we finished the first phase of construction of our new showroom and I scanned all of our displays, I felt that the nicest looking one was the Bertazzoni display…bella figura!

The cool thing about their line if ranges is that they have come a long way from being just beautiful pieces of art from the other side, and now, are baked (no pun intended) with some cool features which make them stand out against their direct Italian competitors from Verona and Fisher Paykel (I know they are a New Zealand company but the range design originated in Italia).

First check out the resin coated Bertazzoni knobs on their range. They allow you to separately control the outer and inner rings. Precision! Control! Now you’ll never burn the middle of that chicken cutlet b/c the oil pooled on the outer surface of your pan! I know Verona and Fisher Paykel don’t offer this and I don’t believe any other range manufacturers do it (but I will check that).

The outer and inner burners which are separately controlled by the Bertazzoni knobs.

The outer and inner burners which are separately controlled by the Bertazzoni knobs.

Bertazzoni Range Knobs

And can I get some love for the Bertazzoni “Thermanater”? This is a fictitious name that we have given this safety device which Bertazzoni has built into all of their ranges. What it does is detect gas pressure in relation to temperature – if it detects a gas build up YET the temperature of the burner and igniter isn’t increasing, it will shut the igniter down so you aren’t exposed to a gas leak. I believe it gives 60 seconds to continue trying to ignite and then it shuts down.
Some folks may think this is overkill. As a father with three small children in my home, I like this. Alot.

The Bertazzoni "Thermanater"

The Bertazzoni “Thermanater”

Curto’s New Showroom – Part 1

Written by Appliance Dude | July 3rd, 2014

Curto’s has a new showroom.

It is 1 block north of the place we inhabited from ’84-2014.

Address is 1966 Central Park Ave
Yonkers NY 10710

It is the largest showroom in Westchester County (and will get even larger)

It is different.

It is comfortable.

It is bionic.

And it has been very, very busy.

Come visit.

It is Time.

Written by Appliance Dude | May 6th, 2014

Westchester, are you ready??

June’s a Wrap, Great Deals Abound in July

Written by Appliance Dude | June 29th, 2013

Today’s post will act as sort of pat on my back as I successfully posted every single working day during June. Yeahhh boyeee. It was an exhausting practice and one that took an insane amount of discipline. Me, disciplined? Try telling that to the Appliance Dude when he was in his teens and twenties!

With June on the way out we celebrate the arrival of July and it’s sweltering heat, the 4th, fireworks, my anniversary(!), and wonderful deals in the appliance world. Yes, let’s not lose focus here, we are supposed to be talking appliances…

Things to watch for this month:

Lots of goodness behind Electrolux kitchen appliance packages

The start of the Viking free dishwasher / hood rebate

The start of an Electrolux Icon $1000 rebate package

More videos on the new Bosch dishwashers

The release of GE’s new built-in wall ovens

So excited. So much to discuss. Strap yourselves in and Happy 4th of July!

Bertazzoni Free Hood Promotion: Like This

Written by Appliance Dude | June 28th, 2013

Bertazzoni has started their (seemingly) annual free hood giveaway. I find many of these appliance rebates/deals to be full or fluff but this is a great deal. Make that a fantastic deal.

Works like this – purchase a Bertazzoni range:

Master Series:
MAS30, MAS36, MAS48

Professional Series:
PRO24, PRO30, PRO36, PRO48

Heritage Series:
HER36, HER48

Get a free hood or OTR micro.

Or, if you are opting to roll with a cooktop/wall oven combo you can still qualify for the free hood to be used over the cooktop. In this case the micro would be ideal or one of the lower powered hoods that Bertazzoni offers.


Sandy Update: Curto’s Open for Business

Written by Appliance Dude | November 4th, 2012

First off – thoughts and prayers to those who have been devastated by Sandy.

We took a beating in Yonkers but fortunately the showroom and Central Ave as a whole were pretty much unscathed. We’re operating under normal business hours but just be aware that there have been huge lines in front of the showroom that are queuing up for a gas station that is down the block. For the most part our driveway has been accessible but if you come down and it is blocked you can park on the opposite side of Central Ave and just cross over.

Thanks for your patience and we pray for a speedy return to normalcy for everyone.