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GE Smart Grid Appliances

Written by Appliance Dude | January 26th, 2010

Found this video report by Consumer Reports. GE’s new “green” appliances will operate on the “smart grid” meaning lots of energy and cost savings for consumers. They will cut power use during the most expensive energy consumptions parts of the day. Interesting stuff here.

Shop Smart for Kitchen Appliance Packages

Written by Appliance Dude | December 8th, 2009

A recent customer at Curto’s Appliance store was debating on whether to buy an entire kitchen appliance package now, or, just buy the one piece he absolutely needed now, and wait for the Spring for the rest of the appliances. The idea to wait a bit was provoked by his fear of the economy and thought that the manufacturers would offer better incentives on kitchen appliance packages in the Spring. My response…no way are you getting a better deal in the Spring than you are now.

The Spring time means home improvement season has kicked in, so the appliance marketplace will receive a boost from that. Plus, the govt looks like they are moving forward with Cash for Clunkers for appliances in late February, so the manufacturers won’t have much reason to provide further incentives with all that momentum going on. In the dead of winter, appliance manufacturers and dealers are looking to move product, pure and simple. Whether it’s to juice the cash flow, hit a volume quota or to clear the floor for the 2010 models, dealers are ready to deal NOW.

Plus manufacturers are offering great rebates – GE has it’s $500 back on a package of Profile or GE Cafe appliances (by the way we feel the GE Cafe line may just be the best value in home kitchen appliances right now). Thermador has its 1-2 FREE program.
Bosch is giving back $300 on a pair of frontload washer/dryer + additional monies for kitchen appliances.
The deals for kitchen appliance packages are there friends!

Frigidaire Professional Series Range Review

Written by Appliance Dude | October 30th, 2009

When I first mentioned this past summer that Frigidaire was revising its brand and introducing a “professional series” , a few people wrote to me and scoffed at the idea. Well a few months after launch, Frigidaire has a wide smile on their face. The Frigidaire Professional range and Frigidaire Professional refrigerators have proven to be the best sellers at this point…so good that availability is getting a little sketchy.

The hottest sellers in the Frigidaire Professional Series are the following two gas ranges:

FPGS3085KF – slide in, 30″, pro select controls, self cleaning, low simmer burner and warming drawer

FPGS3085KF - Curtos.com - Frigidaire Professional Gas Range

FPGS3085KF - Curtos.com - Frigidaire Professional Gas Range

FPGF3081KF – freestanding gas range 30″, continous cast-iron grates, warming drawer, self clean

FPGF3081KF - Curtos.com - Frigidaire

FPGF3081KF - Curtos.com - Frigidaire gas range

Frigidaire has upped the ante style and feature-wise, and so far we haven’t heard of any problems with the series. Of course since this is a new series, we’ll remained tuned in to that point and see if any problems develop. The new Professional Series has Frigidaire aiming squarely at GE Cafe and Bosch’s revised major appliance line. We’ll see what comes of this in the pitched battle for consumer dollars.

UPDATE: 1/13/10

So the Frigidaire ranges have been available for a few months now and I’m happy to say that the only issue that has cropped up is that there were some availability issues in the late Fall, but that’s been resolved now. One interesting trend that I have seen develop is that sales of the Electrolux gas ranges have dropped slightly since the introduction of the new Frigidaire Professional series ranges. We have them displayed near one another in the Curto’s showroom and consumers are saying “hey, they look pretty much the same, have similar features, yet the Electrolux range is over $1000 more expensive.”

Compare the Electrolux EW30GS65GS, 30″ slide-in range to the Frigidaire Pro FPGS3085KF. Here are the similarities:

– self clean ovens
– convection ovens
– 4 sealed burners
– 4.2 cu feet of capacity

However, the Frigidaire FPGS3085KF sells for around $1599 at Curto’s, while the Electrolux has a UMRP price of $2499. That’s quite a spread!

How to Clean Your Wolf Kitchen Appliances – Part 1

Written by Appliance Dude | August 21st, 2009

Wolf Dual Fuel Range at Curto's

Wolf Dual Fuel Range at Curto's

Many of my Wolf appliance customers in Westchester County and beyond ask what are the best methods to clean Wolf kitchen appliances such as the cooktops, wall ovens and ranges. Curto’s Appliances has compiled a tip list to help you clean and protect these significant kitchen investments. Let it roll….

General Rule: When cleaning stainless steel, always wipe or clean in the direction of the grain.

Burner Rings:
– Soap & Water, Towel dry, make sure to blow out the holes.
– Do not use abrasives as they may remove paint

Porcelain coated grates, pressed steel tops, gas oven interiors and oven racks:
– Use soap & water and towel dry to avoid streaking
Fume Free Easy Off – use for difficult cooked on food products which is great for ovens and can be used on any of the above in “worst case scenarios”.
– Also use mild abrasive cleaners like Soft Scrub Orange, Bon Ami, or Bar Keepers

Griddle Surfaces:
– While surface is warm, poor water on so that it bubbles, akin to a deglazing pan. Use a spatula to scrape off burnt-on food that now bubbles up.
– For stubborn stains you can use a Green Scotchbride pad with a cleanser like Barkeepers Friend or Bon Ami. AVOID PRODUCTS WITH BLEACH.
– Once the Wolf appliance product is clean spray or wipe on oil to protect surface from oxidation. If you get an orange color, this is rust and should be wiped/scrubbed off with a fine grade steel wool.
Vinegar can be helpful for the removal of stains and discoloring of the griddle surface.

TOMORROW…Part 2 – How to Clean Wolf Appliance Stainless Surfaces and Wall Oven Interiors

Should You Buy Thermador Appliances?

Written by Appliance Dude | July 7th, 2009

Thermador Appliances - Curtos.com

I say yes…quite resoundingly.

I was working with a customer the other day who was doing a complete kitchen overhaul. We concentrated on the high-end space and even though I showed them multiple lines, they just kept coming back to Thermador. To be quite honest, I really hadn’t spent alot of time focusing on Thermador this year as I was following the wave of consumer sentiment that was moving (dramatically) away from the high-end lines and going for things like KitchenAid, Electrolux and GE Cafe.

But I’ve got to tell you, I think Thermador is a superb line that one can argue is the nicest looking of the high end lines.
More times than not, customer’s have remarked that when it comes to aesthetics, Thermador wins hands down, especially when it comes to their cooking ranges.

Undoubtedly, Thermador’s sweet spot is their cooking appliances. I’m not saying that the Thermador refrigerator line is shoddy, but I don’t think it’s at the level that their ranges, cooktops, rangetops and especially their ovens are.

A few brief notes on Thermador’s cooking appliances:

Thermador range – available in the Pro Harmony (flush with cabinetry) and the Pro Grand (bullnose) styles, I think these are the most aesthetically pleasing high-end cooking ranges on the market. Is it a Wolf from a performance stand point? No. But I think it’s nicer looking. The only annoying thing about the ranges is the simmer burner and it’s incessant “click-click” which has driven more than one customer out of their mind.

More to come…

Hello world!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 1st, 2009

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