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24″ Gas Wall Oven Review – Verona VEBIG24SS

Written by Appliance Dude | June 10th, 2014

The 24″ gas wall oven.

Pretty unsexy in the grand scheme of things. Look at some of the choices – Maytag’s CWG3100, GE’s JGRP20, Frigidaire’s FGB24T3e…most of these gas wall ovens would look great in your great-grandma’s apartment. Simple. Utilitarian. No frills.

But what if you want a little more sizzle (both in appearance and performance)?

Maybe you are a serious cook that just happened to end up in a prewar in Brooklyn Heights that only offers a gas connection and tiny 24″ cutout. You want looks, dammit you want PERFORMANCE to cook that soy Turkey this coming Thanksgiving!

Yes the options are limited but you don’t have to run with one of the aforementioned 24″ gas wall ovens.

Enter the Verona VEBIG24SS or VEBIG24E (matte black) wall oven.

Verona VEBIG24SS Gas wall oven


Right off the bat you can see that the appearance of these ovens pretty much leaves the other ones in the dust…unless you prefer the look of a kitchen circa 1978.