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Viking Grill Review: New Viking Grills for 2017 – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | February 7th, 2017

New Viking grills look alot like Lynx grills

After making a variety of changes to their grills over the last few years, Viking decided to take a different path with their iconic outdoor business. Let’s just say they became more…feline.

The new Viking grills looks suspiciously like Lynx grills because they are Lynx grills. Take a look at the specs on each 36″ grill

From the Lynx website:
Two cast brass burners and one ProSear 2™ Burner (total 73,000 BTUs)
935-sq.-in. cooking surface (640 primary, 295 secondary)
Hot surface ignition system
Control illumination with blue LEDs
Dual halogen grill surface lights
Heat stabilizing design
Temperature gauge
Fluid rotation handle
Lynx Hood Assist Kit
Premium smoker box included
Stainless steel grilling grates
Dual-position rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner (14,000 BTUs)
Ceramic Briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution
Heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect

Now let’s take a look at the info sheet available for the new Viking 36 grill. Model number is VQGI5360 for 36″ grill head and VQGFS5360 for grill head and cart which no longer have to be purchased separately:

x Two cast brass burners and one ProSear 2™ Burner
(73,000 BTUs)
x 935-sq.-in. cooking surface (640 primary, 295 secondary)
x Dual-position rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor
and rear infrared burner (14,000 BTUs)
xControl illumination with blue LEDs
xHot surface ignition system
xDual halogen grill surface lights
xTemperature gauge
xPremium smoker box included
xStainless steel grilling grates
xCeramic Briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution
xHeavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where
grease and moisture can collect

Hot damn, even the verbiage is the same.
So where do you go with this? I checked out a bunch of skus and it seems that the Viking is typically about $200 higher than the direct comp from Lynx.
So not a huge difference. I was hoping to see some type of Viking consumer program but I have not heard anything at this point. I do know that the Viking undercounter refrigeration is no longer made by Perlick, instead that job is being handled by another synergistic sister company – Marvel – and the prices are lower than what Lynx offers. So even with the grill being slightly more expensive, you will probably be even in $$ or slightly lower with Viking if you are doing an outdoor kitchen.

More to come!

Viking Refrigerator Review: Next Time You Read a S*#^*y Review…

Written by Appliance Dude | January 30th, 2017

…check the date on the review. Most likely it dates from the 2000’s or the early 2010’s. Those were the “Dark Years”.

Now, I can state that there may not be another built-in refrigerator brand that I have MORE confidence and trust in selling than Viking.

Wow, we have come a long way.

When I show people the Viking built-in product on our sales floor, people are typically awed by its presence.

  • The stability and robust hinges on the doors.
  • The clear, bright LED lighting scheme
  • The metal shelves

    When you open up one of the bigger units, the 42″ or 48″ it just commands your attention.

    But the important thing is that they don’t just look pretty. The offer great features. And…they work.

    Let’s examine the feature set on the Viking built-in fridges:

    1 – they offer Plasma Cluster technology which neutralize molds, spores and viruses. They work for the lifetime of the fridge, no need to replace.
    PlasmaCLuster is used on airplanes, medical facilities and military transport. They can kill 99% of viruses in 140 sq foot room.

    2- DuraHinge – I mentioned this earlier. The new hinge system is a bear. Incredibly brawny in strength. You know that this is the ONE aspect of their refrigerators that they had to get right because of all the problems they had with the old doors.

    3 – Metal bins – the metal bins on the Viking fridge doors provide long-lasting strength and creative design that allows them to secure heavy items. The metal also retains the temp better (much better than plastic!) so the fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool.

    4 – The S#&t works! Viking’s first year warranty claims on refrigerators have PLUMMETED 73% since a peak in 2012 (one year prior to Middleby purchasing them).

    If the technology and trust in the Middleby name isn’t enough to steer you towards Viking, then the last point re: the service call drops should end the questions. There, you have hard, cold fact that quantitatively say that the problems have been resolved and the company is now comfortably on the upswing.

    Buy Your Viking Refrigerator or Viking Appliance Package at Curto’s

  • Holy S&#$, I Sold A 48″ Viking VCSB5483SS Refrigerator…By Itself!

    Written by Appliance Dude | January 20th, 2016

    (Ed. Note: Please excuse my absence the last few weeks. My family and I have been recovering from colds/ear infections/zombie plague. Thank God for ZPack!)

    No I am not about to start slogging on Viking refrigeration. Far from it.
    I’m a big fan of their revamped refrigeration line. BIG FAN.

    But there’s still a torrent of negativity on the web about Viking fridges dating from the 2000’s.
    I’ve been telling people you need to move past those old reviews, which are about an old company, an old owner and an old product. But because of that negativity, I never see folks walking into the showroom and asking to see Viking fridges. I even find it to be a struggle to get them to consider using Viking built-in refrigeration in a FULL VIKING PACKAGE. I kid you not…lately I’ve written numerous sales where Viking cooking is placed along with the free dishwasher…and Sub-Zero refrigeration.

    What’s Not to Love About this 48″ Viking Refrigerator?

    So I was pretty surprised when a woman called up and after chatting for a bit, decided to plunk down nearly $11k on a Viking 48″ refrigerator.

    And that’s all she needed.

    No range.
    No dishwasher.
    No wall oven.
    No kitchen renovation.

    Just a kick-ass fridge.

    So this transaction inspired me to crack open the Chromebook and start talking about the Viking fridges. I’ve been planning an epic video (likely a series) to dispel the fear / contempt surrounding Viking fridges. These are great products which are now manufactured to the highest quality assurance standards and they also offer very cool (NPI) and unique innovations that you won’t find in many other built-fridges.

    The public needs to consider Viking refrigeration again. Just as this woman did.

    Video series to come…

    Viking Reintroduces their 30″ Open Burner Range – VGIC53014BSS

    Written by Appliance Dude | October 30th, 2015

    Once upon a time Viking had the first pro style open burner range for the residential market – the classic VGIC series.
    Those iconic ranges are still placed in homes all over the country.

    After Middleby’s purchase of Viking 3 years ago, they decided to kill the VGIC line and focus their efforts on the nascent 7 series as well as the 5 series.
    I remember telling the “Capo di Tutti Cappi” at Middleby that I thought they should bring the VGIC back. I was seeing tremendous interest being generated in the open burner market. Yes it was a niche market, but consumers that were drawn to this product were very passionate about cooking, about product quality, and they were the type that would jump on the web and share their experiences through blogging and review sites. And, the market was growing. Fast. At Curto’s we were seeing tremendous growth with Capital’s Culinarian line and to a lesser extent BlueStar’s RNB and Platinum series. IMHO it was a no-brainer for Viking to re-engage in this market. My argument was that if they (Viking) had the product designs created already and it was working off of a current product on the line, they would just need to bring it back to the assembly line and market towards the same consumer who was gobbling up the open burner products. Shooting fish in a barrel, right?

    Viking has re-entered the 30" open burner range market. Capital and BlueStar...on guard!

    Viking has re-entered the 30″ open burner range market. Capital and BlueStar…on guard!

    I thought my idea fell on deaf ears but I’m happy to report that Viking is about to re-release the 30″ open burner model as the VGIC53014BSS. Price point is $3999. And, the purchase of this range will qualify consumers for the free dishwasher deal that is running through next May.

    The range is very similar to the sealed-burner based 5-series:

  • SureSpark ignition for each burner
  • Simmer setting for all burners
  • 4.0 cu ft convection oven with largest convection fan in the industry
  • Infrared gas broiler

    So from a features standpoint you are getting a battle-tested platform (both in the range chassis and the burner architecture) that has been in the field for years.
    And you are getting this at a price that is $1000 below the normal 5-series 30″ range.

    Then think about the “deal” aspect of it.

    1. You receive a free dishwasher whose value is over $1000
    2. You can combine this range with a Viking 3 Series counter depth fridge + otr micro + free dishwasher and suddenly you have a Viking package with pro range at around a tick above $8000.
    3. Or you can do a Viking pro package with this range + free dishwasher + free hood + built in 36″ refrigerator for a little more than $12k.

    And let’s compare the two other top-selling open burner 30″ ranges:
    Blue Star RNB Series – $4680
    Capital MCOR304 – $4078

    Both of those ranges are more expensive and DO NOT offer a deal like the free dishwasher.

    We will have the VGIC back on the floor in the next few weeks. Come by and take a look!

    The Viking VGIC53014BSS is about to return in all it's open burner glory!

    The Viking VGIC53014BSS is about to return in all it’s open burner glory!

  • New Viking Appliance Rebate – October 2015

    Written by Appliance Dude | October 1st, 2015

    Update: Viking has extended the rebate through June of 2016

    Viking has launched a new promotion that is offering up a free dw and free hood with the purchase of pro cooking products and a built-in fridge. Time to lose your fear of the Viking fridge and jump into this deal! Look for a follow-up video clearly spelling out why Viking fridges are winners now.

    Shop for Viking Appliances at Curto’s in Westchester County NY

    Here is the breakdown for the new Viking promo

    Here is the breakdown for the new Viking promo

    Viking Tuscany Ranges Now Available to Order

    Written by Appliance Dude | February 19th, 2015

    Viking Tuscany Ranges Available for Order

    call us at 914-793-5600

    Prices on the new Tuscany series for ranges for Viking start at $12,859 and run to $17,379

    More info to come…

    The Evolution of the Viking Burner – Viking Range Review

    Written by Appliance Dude | February 10th, 2015

    This is a photographic history of the 3 main Viking range burners through their history.
    Am I obsessed? Am I an appliance geek?
    Yes and no.
    I do love appliance history and following the evolutions of brands.
    But I am not a geek. I am a dude…the Appliance Dude.

    Old school folks...this is like classic Def Jam hip hop. The roots of pro cooking!

    Before there was a BlueStar or a Capital Culinarian…there was Viking. Old school folks…this is like classic Def Jam hip hop. The roots of pro cooking!

    5 series. Patented. Brass. Staggered ports. It rocks. Still

    5 series. Patented. Brass. Staggered ports. It rocks. Still

    New Viking 23K BTU "Volcano" Burners on 7 Series Ranges. The Present and Future of Kick Ass Viking Burners. The Power of an Open Burner Architecture With the Easy Cleanup of a Sealed Burner.

    New Viking 23K BTU “Volcano” Burners on 7 Series Ranges. The Present and Future of Kick Ass Viking Burners. The Power of an Open Burner Architecture With the Easy Cleanup of a Sealed Burner.

    Buy Viking Ranges at Curtos.com

    New Viking 7 Series Refrigerator – Reviews

    Written by Appliance Dude | January 22nd, 2015

    Viking is once again tearing it up at KBIS 2015. Last year they debuted their 7-Series ranges at the show and this year they’ve turned the 7-Series focus to refrigeration. I saw a prototype of this refrigerator at KBIS 2014 where it was displayed as a column-style fridge.

    The first refrigerator from Viking's 7-series will be a 36" bottom mount.

    The first refrigerator from Viking’s 7-series will be a 36″ bottom mount.

    In the last year since KBIS 2014 it looks like Viking has made a bunch of changes:

  • It now has 2 bottom freezers
  • The hinges are more robust (check them out…crazy strong!)
  • It now offers 2 compressors
  • The lighting is LED

    At first glance it looks like the result of cross-pollinating a Traulsen, a Liebherr and a Fhiaba. Mix them together and what do you get….could this be magic?

    Below is a grainy and shaky video (c’mon upgrade that phone!) from KBIS which gives you a peek inside the fridge. Take notice of the hinges that look like they should be on a bank vault door. Considering Vikings sad history with hinges, the inclusion of these monsters was probably a direct statement that no one will ever diss (or sue) them for faulty hinges again.

    NB – I anticipate having this on display at Curto’s in the next 4-6 weeks.

  • Viking VGR7486GSS 7-Series – Looking Nice in Bronxville

    Written by Appliance Dude | November 20th, 2014

    Appliance Dude showcases one of the first Viking 7 series 48″ ranges to land in a Westchester NY home

    I believe this is the first Viking 7-Series 48″ range that was delivered to a consumer in NY (another Curto’s first). She landed last summer and now that the kitchen is finished it’s time to reflect on the beauty of this product while it’s properly framed where it should be – in a kitchen and not in a showroom display or some sexy image shot on the Viking Web site. I am stunned at the beauty of this product as it sits so proudly between the white cabinets and marble countertops. Fantastic job with the cabinets by Andrew Carr.
    The owner of the home is a discerning cook and did his homework before purchasing. While the massive BTU’s (which Viking has been trumpeted in their ads) were alluring he was more concerned with the ability to hold heat at lower temps as well as the overall construction. Suffice to say, he loves his Viking.

    Viking 7 Series Range in Bronxville NY - Curto's Appliances, Cabinets by Andrew Carr.

    Viking 7 Series Range in Bronxville NY – Curto’s Appliances, Cabinets by Andrew Carr.

    Viking 30″ Range Battle – RVGR3315bss vs. VGCC5304bss – Review

    Written by Appliance Dude | November 14th, 2014


    Due to the opening of the new Curto’s showroom my time on camera was significantly limited throughout the summer and early Fall. Well friends, the time is now ripe for my return so I’m ready to start dropping love and knowledge all over the appliance biz again.

    You’ll notice many changes in my new videos – I’ve got a new set (what other appliance dealership do you know that has a TV studio?!), a plethora of new appliances to talk about and many other surprises which I’ll be dropping on the public’s collective heads in the coming months.
    Damn, I love my new home!

    So let’s start off with one of my favorite brands – Viking. This post is dedicated to analyzing the difference between the two Viking 30″ ranges – the RVGR3305BSS and the VGCC5304BSS. I am seeing a lot of play on these models and a lot of questions about their features so it only made sense to produce a video post.

    **NB – please note that I was remiss in mentioning a MAJOR difference which is the broiler system. The 3 Series RVGR3305BSS uses a bulky and somewhat antiquated broil element (that in my opinion takes up a lot of room in the oven cavity). The VGCC5304BSS uses the classic Viking infrared broiler which is hotter, sears better and takes up less room in the oven can. I will shoot another vid detailing these two.

    Any questions please hit me up at Jonathan at curtos dot com or come into the showroom. Also, I do not take solicitations…I’m too busy helping people learn about appliances, sorry!

    Roll ’em…..