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Viking 7 Series Range U.S. Debut at Curto’s This Monday

Written by Appliance Dude | March 14th, 2014

The Viking 7 Series range will make its U.S. retail debut at Curto’s this Monday March 17.  Thank you to the folks at Viking for selecting us as the first landing space for this incredible product which I had the fortune of seeing at KBIS last month.

Get ready to have your boots knocked off folks.



Viking " 7 Series Range, at Curto's in Westchester County March 17

Viking ” 7 Series Range, at Curto’s in Westchester County March 17



Viking Invades KBIS…With the Appliance Dude

Written by Appliance Dude | February 20th, 2014

UPDATE: 2/20/14
What an absolute HONOR to be handpicked by Viking President Selim Bassoul to introduce him at the KBIS Viking reception the other week in Las Vegas. The Appliance Dude is loved! It was a wild 48 hour ride, truly legendary and Nikki and I savored every moment of the love. And the fact that Viking completely shredded like early Van Halen and swept up all the Best of KBIS awards is telling..they had a ton of well-thought products boasting impeccable design. The booth was huge and was an absolute mob scene. The Dude’s videos were blasted over 4 screens, then I took the mic in front of 200+ strong and laid the ground for Selim Bassoul to bust ass. This man has done an incredible job resurrecting the Viking brand in little more than a year. It’s actually frightening!

I want to thank the THOUSANDS of people who have contacted me over the last 2 years, your LOVE (and business) has driven me, and this is the ultimate testament to my growing tsunami of appliance blogness. I will not be stopped.

Enjoy the show!

KBIS 2014: Rocking with New Viking ovens

Written by Appliance Dude | February 5th, 2014

More on the Viking – Appliance Dude KBIS Invasion
Here are some more pics on the 7 series ranges and ovens and I will be posting a video Thursday night where I truly will do my best Ric Flair and just let the emotion and energy flow…how can you not after being a part of that Viking party? The energy and passion was infectious and I’m still rocking it 2 weeks later. Get ready for the new products world, next stop on the tour…Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC!

Viking Sweeps KBIS Awards

AD Hanging With Viking President Selim Bassoul. The man's work ethic is insane, his spirit is indefatigable. What an inspiration for the Appliance Dude. Thank you again my friend for this wonderful opportunity!

AD Hanging With Viking President Selim Bassoul. The man’s work ethic is insane, his spirit is indefatigable. What an inspiration for the Appliance Dude. Thank you again my friend for this wonderful opportunity!


New Viking 7-Series Ranges: I’ve Got the Newest Images First Baby!

Written by Appliance Dude | January 22nd, 2014

Appliance Dude is on point!
The first images of the new Viking 7-series ranges debuted last Fall in Architectural Digest and on Viking’s web site. Well the Appliance Dude worked his sources and I am happy to present the LATEST new images of these absolutely beautiful products. I hope they work as good as they look!

7-Series ranges go into production on Feb 1
French Door ovens go into production on Mar 1

Viking Gas Range LoveFest – The Overview

Written by Appliance Dude | July 12th, 2013

Hello grasshoppers!

This will be the first in a video series where I sweat the iconic Viking range line. This video should act as an overview – I’ll talk about
my feelings about the Viking range, some different styles and features and other interesting tidbits that happened to come across my mind as we were rolling…gotta love the improvisation!

There will be numerous videos to follow where I isolate on certain models. Stay tuned!


Viking’s New Free Dishwasher Promotion

Written by Appliance Dude | June 26th, 2013

Let’s see, a free dishwasher and/or hood with the purchase of select high-end appliances…wow, this sounds familiar…

Whether Viking has bitten off Thermador is of no consequence to myself or you the consumer. I say jump on this deal! While you may be receiving a better dishwasher in the Thermador deal (it’s A Bosch in wolf’s clothing), the Viking package is so compelling b/c you are receiving a 3 year warranty on each of their products.

As I’ve stated in my other posts and videos, I am very bullish on Viking moving forward. The company has righted the ship under Salim Bassoul’s masterful stead and they have nowhere to go but UP. Five-to-seven years ago a Viking kitchen was the absolute studliest way to go in respect to your kitchen appliances. To think you can get there now with 2 free pieces is a no-brainer. Remember: American-made, 3 year warranty, a brand so powerful it can be considered “iconic” and a re-dedication by new ownership to make the products even better than they were in their heyday.

Curto’s and Viking Team Up at Decicco’s New Armonk Store

Written by Appliance Dude | June 15th, 2013

So happy to involve Curto’s and Viking in the new Deciccos marketplace in Armonk, NY.
This store is insane and will be one of the top foodie destinations in Westchester County.
We installed a working 4-piece Viking professional kitchen which will be used for cooking demos and classes. Thanks so much to the good people at Carl Schaedel and Viking who worked with us to make this happen.

The lighting and angles were challenging to get great pictures so my advice is to visit this place in person!

Decicco’s Armonk
Address: 17 Maple Ave, Armonk, NY 10504
Phone:(914) 499-1100

Viking Appliances Decicco Armonk Curto's (more…)

Viking. The Comeback.

Written by Appliance Dude | June 13th, 2013

Today was a very special day.

It turns out that I was right when I bet on Viking a year ago.

This ship is turning around folks.

All I’ll say is that if you were/are considering a Viking kitchen and were turned off b/c of what’s on the Internet or because some slippery sales dude bad-mouthed the brand to you, I say…think again.

Seriously. Take a deep breath and reconsider it.

That’s it.

Go Greenwood go!

Outdoor Kitchen Season is Here

Written by Appliance Dude | March 2nd, 2013

Outdoor kitchen inquiries are starting to build. Oh, I’m not talking just a simple Weber grill stuck in a corner of your outdoor space. I’m talking full-on kitchens: grills, outdoor fridges, warming drawers, kegerators, ice makers, etc etc etc.

What am I selling this year? For the full suite of outdoor kitchens we’ll probably move a decent amount of Lynx and DCS equipment as they have the most comprehensive outdoor lineup. I’m sure there will be a fair amount of Wolf grills (which I currently own) as well. This will be the first full season with Viking outdoor, so we’ll have to see if there is movement on that line. It’s hard to tell with the new owners rocking the Viking ship so hard in their initial stages of ownership, so I don’t know what availability will look like.

So if you have an existing grill it’s never too early to get it cleaned and primed for Spring searing action.
And if you are in the market for one, look no further than Curto’s for your outdoor kitchen!

Lynx Grill Head Set in Stone

Viking Brigade Series: R.I.P

Written by Appliance Dude | March 1st, 2013

We didn’t even get to know ya!

This is probably a good thing for Viking as everyone I polled seemed to think this line was an absolute dog. $10,000 for a 36″ range? Good luck.
Plus, what was the deal with a 48″ range with the side compartment used for storage?
We need oven space, not storage!

I take this as another example of Viking’s new owners (Middleby) cleaning up a mess. They are getting down to business and I am still bullish on Viking moving forward. Go Middleby go and return Viking back to it’s glorious past!


Here’s the Brigade section on the Viking web site.