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Viking Appliances: The Big Comeback in 2013?

Written by Appliance Dude | February 27th, 2013

Whooo-wee, lots of negative sentiment about Viking out there in the Black Hole we know formerly as the Internet. Ever the contrarian, I say it’s time to buy the stock! They have a new owner and methinks that good times are on the horizon. After 6 weeks the new owners are already taking necessary steps to right the ship. Good luck, we need this American Icon back doing their dance!

Ed Note: In case you are wondering, this is Galactus.

A Trip to the NYC Viking Showroom

Written by Appliance Dude | February 14th, 2013

A few weeks ago I spent an “appliance day” in NYC, and I took the opportunity to visit the Viking showroom on the East Side. The showroom manager (Marilyn) was wonderful and made the Appliance Dude feel at home. She also helped me up my Viking info game.

I’ve had an itch to get on-camera and just start a massive riff about what I deem to be an imminent comeback by Viking. That will be forthcoming, because (I feel) it’s a sick growth stock.
For now, enjoy the sights of their showroom and look for a Viking comeback missive soon enough…

Viking 24″ Gas Range in a NYC Kitchen

Sweet stuff, but the price tag is hefty. Not a volume mover, but sure shows well.


Viking D3 Range Has Landed – Curto’s Appliances

Written by Appliance Dude | September 19th, 2012

And to think they all told me I was nuts to bring Viking back into our showroom….

The Viking D3 gas range is now in the showroom and I’m really impressed with it. We now have a product that sits comfortably in-between the GE Cafe/Electrolux/KitchenAid product and the pro ranges. I’m going to blow out a video this week but here’s a few pics to munch on.

Things I dig:
– self cleaning gas range
– options for gas, electric or dual fuel
– 18k btu’s
– large-ass oven capacity
– sealed burners

Viking’s Gas Self Clean D3 Range, So New the Tag’s Still on Her

Viking D3 Range Knobs – Touch Em, Feel Em, They Aren’t Cheap

5 Burners, Simmer on Upper Left, 18K Power Burners in the Front

Viking D3 Series – My Initial Thoughts

Written by Appliance Dude | September 6th, 2012

I signed up for the Viking D3 series today. Appliance should be on display 2nd week of Sept.
I have high expectations for this line because it fills an under-served space in the world
of major appliances. Think about the space between a GE Cafe package and Monogram/Thermador.
It’s a space the Electrolux’ Icon line was supposed to own, but unfortunately that brand hasn’t been able to
get out of its own way in 8 years.

So you go to D3 and its high $2000’s gas range (after rebate) if you want to opt for something pricier than the $2400 Cafe range, but don’t want to involve yourself with a $4k+ pro gas range.

From what I understand the first two iterations of the Viking Designer series were duds. I’m of the mind that Viking has learned from their past errors and that this line is going to be slamming. Actually, I’ll grab a quote from Viking’s D3 micro site which proves that they did a lot of listening when it came to re-tooling the line. Let’s hear it for “focus groups”!

“The new Viking D3 Series offers a fresh perspective on premium performance – yours. Viking listened to customers, designers, and home chefs. So in addition to all the power and features you’d expect from Viking, the D3 Series offers new options in style.”

I’ll have a product review up soon.