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Wolf E-Series Wall Ovens: 3 Things You Need to Know

Written by Appliance Dude | May 16th, 2012

Once upon a time the merits of the Wolf E-Series ovens fell on deaf ears right here. I wasn’t into the look (the original curved handle was whack looking and I didn’t like the control panel) and even though it was positioned as a lower priced Wolf, it never entered any conversation I had about Wolf ovens.

Things are different now. Wolf gave the ovens a semi-face lift and when you see them now with the tubular handles and in a column with a warming drawer
and Wolf steam oven….wow. And they’ve decided to get REAL FUNKY and add a black glass single and double oven to the lineup.

Thinking about buying a Wolf E Series oven? Three things you need to know:

1 – It is one of 2 Wolf ovens (along with the new Wolf steam convection oven) which can be used in both a standard installation as well as a flush inset install (cleaner look!)
2 – For a standard install, your cabinet needs to be 24″ deep and must be able to support 250 lbs for a single oven and 400 lbs for a double oven
3 – For a flush inset installation the E-series oven requires a min of 25″ in depth. REMEMBER THIS OR YOUR OVEN SETUP WILL LOOK LIKE S@#T: You inside openings of the rough opening must be finished (stained, not laminated) b/c they will be visible when oven door is open. And as stated, STAIN it, as the laminate finish will not hold up the heat the oven produces.

Wolf E-Series Oven - Curto's Appliances

The Sexiness of the Wolf E-Series Double Oven. Got a cigarette?

The Beauty of the Electrolux Icon Oven Door – E30EW85GPS

Written by Appliance Dude | January 19th, 2011

I have always been a fan of the Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS double wall oven.
I think it looks great.
It’s priced very well.
It delivers a tremendous amount of features.
Even though it has been available for several years now (without any significant upgrades) it still holds its own as probably the best
value buy for a premium double wall oven.

If you’re thinking about this piece and need to be convinced for reasons beyond the stylish looks and the Wolf-imitation cobalt blue interior, then turn your attention to
the E30EW85GPS’ door. Yes, the door my friend.

The reason I like to highlight the door is that it is vastly superior to any other wall oven door in its price range (or even a bit higher).

If you open the door, you will notice that it is completely flat when laying open. Most wall oven doors have a bump that’s notched out of it.
Icon decided to create a completely flat door so that it would be easier to lay dishes on it. This is such a cool design that KitchenAid has now co-opted it for their Architect II
line of wall ovens.

You’ll also notice black circles on the inside of the oven door. They allow you access to remove the glass so you can clean the inside in case any condensation gets trapped in the door. Nice, huh? Can’t do that with other models!


Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS

electrolux_icon_oven_door - E30EW85GPS

Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS Oven Door

Thermador’s Sexy New Steam Oven –

Written by Appliance Dude | July 3rd, 2010

If you are a health-minded cook (or you just want something cool hanging in your kitchen) you’ll probably want to check out Thermador’s new
steam ovens
. The MES301HP (pro series with thick handle) and the MES301HS (Masterpiece series handle) are insanely great additions to Thermador’s premium lineup of wall ovens. It’s the first oven to combine three distinct cooking styles -steam, true convection and combi steam and convection. It also boasts 40 preset food settings.

Thermador Steam Oven Professional Series

One of the cool things about this oven is that it’s larger than the other steam offerings on the market. The 1.1 cu ft oven cavity can fit a 14lb turkey and according to Thermador’s cooking experts, cooking a bird in combination mode for 90 minutes will result in a perfectly moist inside and gorgeous crust on the outside.

Here is a pic of the inside of the oven:

Thermador Steam Convection Oven at Curto's

Inside of Thermador's Steam Oven

Here are the 9 cooking modes available to meet just about any cooking need:

* True Convection (85-450°F) – A fan on the back wall distributes the heat evenly throughout. Perfect for moist cakes, sponge cakes and braised meat.
* Steaming (95-210°F) – Perfect for vegetables, fish, sides and extracting fruit juice.
* Combination (250-450°F) – A blend of steam and convection modes. Perfect for fish, soufflés and baked goods.
* Reheat (210-360°F) – Cooked food is gently reheated. The inflow of steam keeps the food moist, and brings back the original flavor, texture and crispness.
* Proof (95-120°F) – Steam and convection modes are combined to keep the surface of bread dough from drying out. This special cooking mode enables the dough to rise much faster than at room temperature.
* Slow Cook (140-250°F) – Tenderizes all meat cuts and types, especially roast beef and leg of lamb.
* Defrost (95-140°F) – Steam and convection modes are combined. Humidity transfers heat to the food, maintaining its moisture and shape. Ideal for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
* Keep Warm (140-210°F) – Designed to keep food warm for up to one hour without drying it out.
* Dish Warm (85-160°F) – This mode prevents food in preheated ovenware from cooling as quickly. Perfect for ovenware and plates

Check out the bread baked in the Thermador Steam oven by Chef Brad Peterson…DEELISH!

Bread Baked in the Thermador Steam Oven

Bread Baked in the Thermador Convection Steam Oven

People seem to be sold on the idea…I’ve already sold one sight unseen!

The MES301HP and MES301HS will be available on August 1 and will retail for between $3299 and $3499.

Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS Wall Oven – A Hit in Tenafly, NJ

Written by Appliance Dude | September 26th, 2009

I know I recently posted about the Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS wall oven, but I had to drop some more love its way. I just had customer from Tenafly, NJ call me up here at Curto’s raving about the Icon wall oven he recently purchased for me. He said his wife loves it so much that she has actually taken a liking to cooking now and has tossed him out of the kitchen, which has in turn allowed him more time to work on his golf game. Great stuff.

Electrolux Icon E30ew85gps double oven featured at Curto's Appliances

Electrolux Icon E30ew85gps double oven featured at Curto's Appliances

The E30EW85GPS offers many functions and aesthetics that other more expensive wall ovens feature. It offers:

– convection system
– 6 smooth glide oven racks
– wave-touch control panel display
– meat probe
– halogen lighting system
– cool touch door
– cobalt blue interior (no functional advantage, but you gotta love the color!)
– Star-K cooking mode
– delay bake
– proofing

Electrolux recently lowered the UMRP pricing on this piece so now it stands at $3299.
There are comparable ovens on the market selling for $1500-$2000 more than this piece.
If Electrolux can bring other Icon pieces to the level of this oven, then that line will be a serious contender in the
mass premium category populated by GE Monogram, Thermador, KitchenAid Architect, etc. I say that because it seems that Icon
has been lost in the shuffle as Electrolux has placed their marketing muscle behind the Kelly Ripa-sponsored Electrolux line and the new Frigidaire Pro series.
In any case, check this oven out. It’s arguably the most value-laden piece on the market today.

Electrolux Icon Wall Oven – E30EW85GPS, E30EW75GPS at Curto’s

Written by Appliance Dude | September 4th, 2009

A customer from Rye, NY visited the Curto’s appliance store recently who was interested in redoing their entire kitchen and they were extremely confused about which wall oven to buy. We went through the various iterations – non convection, dual convection, pro handle, designer handles, micro combos, telescopic racking systems, Master Chef controls, meat probes, rotisseries….the list goes on.

When the dust settled, the decision was made to purchase the Electrolux Icon E30EW85GPS 30″ double wall oven. At a UMRP price of $3299 this is an absolute steal when comparing to other pro wall ovens on the marketplace which are typically $2000 more expensive. Look at what you are getting with the Icon oven:
– Convection system (3rd element provides variable speed technology fan)
– Temperature probe (monitors the cooking progress and automatically indicates when the meat is precisely cooked)
– Smooth glide oven racks (these cost over $300 each on one manufacturer’s oven!)
– Wave Touch control panel technology (allows for easy programming)

Electrolux Icon Double Oven E30EW85GPS

Electrolux Icon Double Oven E30EW85GPS

And as far as aesthetics go, the oven comes with a thick pro-style handle, interior halogen lighting and cobalt blue interior. Can you say “snazzzy”?

And for those looking at a single wall oven, Electrolux Icon makes the 30″ E30EW75GPS which boasts nearly identical features as the double with one less oven.

Handle on the Electrolux Icon E30EW75EPS

Handle on the Electrolux Icon E30EW75EPS

Yes, you can fit a turkey in the Electrolux Icon E30EW75GPS wall oven. Note temperature probe at work as well in this photo.

Yes, you can fit a turkey in the Electrolux Icon E30EW75GPS wall oven. Note temperature probe at work as well in this photo.

Thermador Professional Series Wall Ovens at Curto’s Appliances

Written by Appliance Dude | August 13th, 2009

Face of Thermador Wall Oven at Curto's Appliances

Face of Thermador Wall Oven at Curto's Appliances

One of my clients in Scarsdale in Westchester County NY recently purchased high end kitchen appliances from Curto’s and opted to mix brands. The wall oven was a Thermador, the cooking range was from another high-end competitor.
I received a phone call from them 3 months after delivery and they stated that they loved the Thermador Professional Series oven and wished that they had purchased an entire Thermador kitchen because the other brands didn’t meet the performance of the Thermador. Another strong testament to the power of Thermador’s wall ovens. They are damn good pieces.

Thermador’s calling card is their wall ovens, and their Professional Series sets the standard for high end cooking appliances. The Thermador Professional Series Built-in Oven features:

Speed Convection which reduces cooking time up to 30%
The largest oven capacity at 4.7 cu ft.
– A heavy duty rotisserie which boasts a 12 lb capacity
True convection cooking for quick and even results
– A superfast preheat which can heat up the oven in less than 7 minutes
Fastest self-clean in the market (2 hours)
Sturdy telescopic racks which glide smoothly on ball bearings – this means safe, easy access to your meals

The Thermador Professional Series Ovens are only available in 30″ wide varieties.

Prices range from $3999 for the 30″ single Deluxe to $5799 for the triple combination Micro/wall oven/warming drawer.