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May 2012:The Outdoor Grill/Kitchen Report…What’s Selling!

Written by Appliance Dude | May 11th, 2012

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Welcome to the Lynx Temple! All Bow Before Pharoah!

Appliance Dude riffin’……

We are now ramping into the sweet spot of the outdoor kitchen/grill sales season and I have a few notes to share. People are definitely spending the loot on the high-end grills and sales are skewed heavily towards Lynx outdoor kitchens and grills. Here are some notes to digest, broken down by brand.

Lynx – 36″ and 42″ grills with ProSear have been the movers. Had a few bites on the new, step-down L500 series but there has been a recall on the carts (easy fix) so don’t know if that’s causing some consternation with consumers. Most of the lynx grills we’ve sold are just heads as they are being used in a built-in outdoor kitchen setup. Of course Lynx is touting their new brass burners as the finest thing since inexpensive medical insurance. Will these new burners markedly change your life? As one customer said to me “You can’t tell me that these burners are going to make my food taste any better”. Agree on that point, however I can tell that you that the brass burners will in fact last longer as they won’t corrode as easily as stainless under high heat and they hold and radiate heat better.
Translation – built to last, food cooked more evenly (if that’s what you want).

Wolf – Haven’t had much play on the Wolf grills yet. Can’t figure out why. Price point? Can’t be, because the Lynx is just as expensive when you factor everything in. I own one, I like it…see my tuna dish below. Wolf’s making a big push in this space, all other competitors beware…the Wolf will roar(howl)!
I made this lovely treat on a 36″ Wolf OG36 grill – how’s that for a sear?! (more…)

SubZero and Wolf Price Increase in November

Written by Appliance Dude | September 7th, 2011

Was just notified of a Subzero Wolf price increase effective Nov 1. Averages will be 3-7% depending on product.
Look for all of the other high-end brands to follow suit.

Time to get your orders placed folks!

36″ Gas Pro Range Showdown: DCS vs. Wolf vs. Thermador

Written by Appliance Dude | August 31st, 2011

While I always tell shoppers that when shopping for pro ranges you can’t base your decision on the BTU power that manufacturers report, alas, many people are still hung up on these numbers.
That said, with the idea that I won’t to put as many accurate information at consumers’ fingertips so they can make the right purchase decision, here is a breakdown on three popular 36″ pro ranges.
We’ll focus on Burner BTU’s and then Oven BTU’s and capacity.

Burner BTU’s

DCS RGU366 – max 17,500 btus, min 3000 btus
Wolf R366 – max 16,000, min 500 btus
Thermador PRG366EPG – max 15,000 btus, min 375 btus (on the 2 ExtraLow burners)

Oven Capacity

DCS RGU366 – 5.3 cu ft
Wolf R366 – 5.5 cu ft
Thermador PRG366EPG – 5.7 cu ft

Oven Bake BTUS

DCS RGU366 – 30,000 btus
Wolf R366 – 30,000 btus
Thermador PRG366EPG – 30,000 btus

Oven Broil BTUS

DCS RGU366 – 19,000 btus
Wolf R366 – 18,000 btus
Thermador PRG366EPG – 17,000 btus

I love Wolf gas ranges. While they are now outsold by the Wolf dual fuel ranges (and by quite a large margin as I have been told) I still believe that the
value lies in the gas range. When you are talking a 36″ or a 48″ model, the difference between the gas and the dual fuel product runs into the thousands.
I’m also a fan of the traditional Wolf red knob found on the gas range, as opposed to the thicker one found on the dual fuel range (being that I am a sucker for aesthetics).
There’s not much to say here…Wolf is a Wolf. The leader of the pack.

Thermador ranges are simply beautiful products and they seem to resonate big-time with women. When I’m working with a couple at Curto’s, countless times the wife will comment on the Thermador’s design…while hubby focuses on BTU’s. As I tell everyone who stops in and asks about Thermador ranges, I feel that Thermador’s lead products are their wall ovens, HOWEVER they have invested crazy R & D into their ranges and I’m anticipating a bump in their sales. You also have to love their new 48″ combo steam range which will be hitting the Curto’s showroom imminently. It’s priced over $13K but this thing sings!.

The DCS range is the underdog here. They don’t have the consumer mind share that Wolf or Thermador have. They also don’t have the presence on showroom floors that Wolf and Thermador have. But what they do have is total kick-ass product that has been improved upon and is also less expensive than the other two brands we’re discussing here.
For some folks they might feel like they are taking a risk with a DCS product bc it’s not featured in every other kitchen on the Food TV Network (it’s actually the sole appliance featured on America’s Test Kitchen) nor is it prominently featured in Kitchen magazine spreads. What they do have is a heritage that goes back about 15-20 years for making killer cooking appliances. They also have a pretty solid service network across the country in case you do encounter hiccups with your range (hey it happens to the best manufacturers).

The bottom line is that any of these brands deserve to be in your kitchen. You’ll just have to decide how important price is as well as the brand-name factor. Performance-wise they all rock, though I’d put the DCS and the Wolf ahead of the Thermador in that category, but Thermador is aiming to cut the lead down. Should be interesting.

Outdoor Grills…Wolf, Lynx and DCS

Written by Appliance Dude | August 2nd, 2011

The three premium outdoor grills that we offer are made by Wolf, Lynx and DCS.
I’m always asked which one I would choose out of the three and what I tell customers is that
you’re in a winning situation because you can’t go wrong with any of them. There are a myriad of other
companies making noise about offering “premium” outdoor grills. IMHO, those words are just that…noise.
Wolf, Lynx and DCS are the ones you need to focus on.

If you want the line that offers the most extensive product offering for a complete outdoor kitchen and who
is regarded as the leader in the outdoor grilling business, go with a Lynx.

If you are comfortable knowing that since Wolf is the leader of indoor high-end cooking appliances and feel that
will translate to the outdoor kitchen, I would go with the Wolf grills. (Note: I took a Wolf grill home this summer and
I’ve been very pleased with it).

Consider DCS if you want your dollar to travel the furthest and you like the idea of maximizing the square inches of your grilling surface – DCS does
this by leaving out the sear burner and instead turning the entire grill surface into a sear zone.

Wolf Dual Fuel 36 vs. Wolf Gas 36 – DF366 or R366?

Written by Appliance Dude | June 5th, 2011

The question as to what is better, a Wolf dual fuel or gas range, is one of the more popular ones we hear in the showroom.
While they are both great products, they are extremely different.
Read the following and hopefully you will be on your way to figuring which Wolf 36″ range works for you.

Buy a Wolf Gas Range if:
– You are still somewhat price sensitive (there’s a $1500 spread between the 36’s, and and even larger one on the 48’s)
– You don’t care about self cleaning
– If you hate electronics (it uses an electronic control panel and some knobs use electrical components as well

Buy a Wolf Dual Fuel Range if:
– You swear by self cleaning
– You want full-extension ball-bearing racks (these are becoming very popular, not only in the pro range category…Electrolux and GE are offering them on more modest models)
– You want sealed burners (the Wolf gas range will offer sealed burners by the end of 2011)
– You want the uber-sexy cobalt blue oven interior!
– You want continuous grates

Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range - Curto's

Magnificent, commanding, regal...what else can I say about this pic. The Wolf 48" range is quite the sight.

Wolf vs. Lynx Outdoor Grills

Written by Appliance Dude | May 26th, 2011

We just put a Lynx 36″ gas grill (L36PSFR-1) on display next to the Wolf OG-36 and they are eerily similar to one another. Both offer the following:
– Grates are cut from 304 grade stainless steel
– Internal rotisserie
– Sear burners
– Smoker boxes
– Ceramic briquettes which provide even heat distribution
– Heavy duty weld construction…aka they are built like friggin’ tanks
– Both total 75,000 BTU’s when combining the sear burner and two grill burners.

Wolf 36" Outdoor Grill

Opening Day for My Wolf Outdoor Grill

Lynx L36PSR-1

Lynx 36" Gas Grill

I took the Wolf OG-36 grill home a few weeks ago and I’ve been cooking on it almost every night. The power of the Wolf has impressed me and my wife swears that food tastes much better this year on the Wolf than when I was previously cooking on our old Weber Genesis. The only issue with the Wolf is that I have had a few flareups when manually lighting it (in one instance I gave myself a “manscape” when a flareup singed all the hair off the top of my arm). Aside from my adventures in hair removal it’s been a pleasure.

Lynx has done an incredible job branding itself as the premium outdoor grill manufacturer and it will be interesting to see how they deal with the coming battle with Wolf. Let’s face it, Wolf has usurped Viking’s role as the leader in premium indoor cooking appliances and they will try to replicate that feat in the outdoor kitchen space as well. At this point I’m of the mind that if you spend the money on either one (and you will spend quite a bit on these brands) you are getting top-notch quality and will be happy no matter which direction you go. However, I will do some cooking on the Lynx in the next few days and will share my thoughts on comparing it against the Wolf.