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Wolf Appliance Prices – Why You Can’t Find Any Online

Written by Appliance Dude | July 18th, 2009

As you may have noticed if you have perused curtos.com or other authorized Wolf dealer web sites, you won’t find prices on Wolf cooking appliances (or SubZero refrigerators).

And why are all of these Wolf dealer showrooms and appliance stores quoting the same price (or nearly the same price?).

To the first point – authorized dealer’s of Wolf Appliances are prohibited to post online prices as per their dealer agreement with the Wolf Appliance company. Why would Wolf push this policy when the Internet can provide consumers with an easy vehicle to price-shop in their bathrobes and not have to deal with visiting showrooms for prices? The net effect that Wolf is seeking to achieve is to turn the act of shopping for Wolf and SubZero appliances from a game of “who has the lower price”, into a process where the decision on which dealer to use is based on service, product knowledge and the dealer’s ability to sell THEIR brand to the consumer. It’s actually a smart move by Wolf (and by extension, SubZero) because if you are in the market for these products you are making a substantial INVESTMENT in your home. This is not akin to buying a Haier portable washer for $350. Not only do Wolf appliances command a premium price, but they are very intricate products that need demystifying by an educated sales associate. Trust me, you can do all the research you want on your own, but more times than not, traversing the various Web sites, Web forums and blogs usually leaves consumers in a more confused mode. Wolf understands that buying their product is different than picking up any other appliance, so they want to promote the notion of consumers taking the time to visit an authorized showroom, get educated on the product, and make an intelligent, informed decision on what to invest in.

So if you’re looking to base your decision on who to buy SubZero and Wolf from based on price, you probably won’t make much progress. I would base it on your rapport with the salesperson, the dealer’s track record and amount of years in business, and the dealership’s ability to fluently articulate the benefits of SubZero and Wolf appliances to your particular needs.

To the second point of why every dealer quotes nearly the same price, Wolf and SubZero have a minimum price floor in place.
However, as of March 1, they are offering one of the richest appliance promotions in the high end appliance space, as you can now receive up to $2500 back instantly if you purchase an eligible Wolf and SubZero appliance package. Details on the Wolf and SubZero appliance promotion can be found here.