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DCS Grill Review: Controlled Heat on the BH1-36R-N – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | February 1st, 2017

The DCS 36 Grill BH136RN is Still a Heat Missile, But Now With More Control

A reunion took place the other week as I cooked on a DCS grill for the first time in two years.
Much has changed about the DCS grill in that time.
They’ve cosmetically altered the grill. They’ve added a useless temp gauge for the canopy.
They added heat reflectors to the bottom of the firebox in order to push more heat towards the grate.
The smoker box was integrated to the front of the grill. They offered a hybrid infrared burner (whose purpose I am still questioning) as well as a cool

The last time I cooked on a DCS with any frequency I was amazed at how HOT it was. This was partially due to the heat reflectors under the burners, but also due to the fact that the valves that controlled the temp sweep were pretty steadfast in maintaining that blistering high heat. Even if you brought the temp down with the knob to a LOW setting, you were still getting some serious heat.

That’s all changed as DCS swapped out the valves behind the knob and has tweaked so you get much better lows…45% better actually WITHOUT sacrificing the infernal heat when you crank it to HIGH or SEAR.

Check out the details below and remember, we ship DCS grills and outdoor kitchens nationwide, so call us for details.

Viking Refrigerator Review: Next Time You Read a S*#^*y Review…

Written by Appliance Dude | January 30th, 2017

…check the date on the review. Most likely it dates from the 2000’s or the early 2010’s. Those were the “Dark Years”.

Now, I can state that there may not be another built-in refrigerator brand that I have MORE confidence and trust in selling than Viking.

Wow, we have come a long way.

When I show people the Viking built-in product on our sales floor, people are typically awed by its presence.

  • The stability and robust hinges on the doors.
  • The clear, bright LED lighting scheme
  • The metal shelves

    When you open up one of the bigger units, the 42″ or 48″ it just commands your attention.

    But the important thing is that they don’t just look pretty. The offer great features. And…they work.

    Let’s examine the feature set on the Viking built-in fridges:

    1 – they offer Plasma Cluster technology which neutralize molds, spores and viruses. They work for the lifetime of the fridge, no need to replace.
    PlasmaCLuster is used on airplanes, medical facilities and military transport. They can kill 99% of viruses in 140 sq foot room.

    2- DuraHinge – I mentioned this earlier. The new hinge system is a bear. Incredibly brawny in strength. You know that this is the ONE aspect of their refrigerators that they had to get right because of all the problems they had with the old doors.

    3 – Metal bins – the metal bins on the Viking fridge doors provide long-lasting strength and creative design that allows them to secure heavy items. The metal also retains the temp better (much better than plastic!) so the fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool.

    4 – The S#&t works! Viking’s first year warranty claims on refrigerators have PLUMMETED 73% since a peak in 2012 (one year prior to Middleby purchasing them).

    If the technology and trust in the Middleby name isn’t enough to steer you towards Viking, then the last point re: the service call drops should end the questions. There, you have hard, cold fact that quantitatively say that the problems have been resolved and the company is now comfortably on the upswing.

    Buy Your Viking Refrigerator or Viking Appliance Package at Curto’s

  • DCS Grill Review: 5 Reasons to Buy a DCS Grill in 2017 – Curtos.com

    Written by Appliance Dude | January 23rd, 2017

    DCS Grill Review – 5 Reasons to Buy a DCS Grill in 2017

    What better way to pass through the eve as a nor’easter blasts through the Eastern seaboard than by discussing grills? Let’s get to it…

    DCS Grill Key Features

    • Full Surface Searing
    • Improved Valves = Better Temp Control
    • Grease Management System
    • Rock Solid Construct
    • Hottest Gas Grill on Earth

    The DCS Grill, first launched in 1989, is the grand-daddy of all premium gas grills. Yes, they predated Lynx, Viking, Twin Eagle, Alfresco…and for decades not much was changed on these grills (they did change the burners from an H-Shaped cast steel structure and eliminated an incredibly popular 27″ grill).
    However with the premium gas grill becoming more and more crowded, and the sudden encroachment of more budget-oriented grills produced in Asia, DCS began to make some changes in 2015 and 2016. The end result was that the DCS has maintained its position as the Alpha male in the premium gas category, all while still coming in at a price point below most of the competition. Let’s look at 5 reasons to buy this grill:

    1 – Full Surface Searing

    DCS Grills - Curtos.com

    DCS Grills Offer all-surface searing, an industry first.

    2 – Improved Valves = Better Temperature Control

    DCS Grills - Curtos.com

    DCS Changed Their Valves to Produce Better Response at Lower Temperatures.

    3 – Grease Management System

    DCS Grills - Curtos.com

    DCS Grills offer a grease management system to minimize flareups.

    4 – Rock Solid Construct

    DCS Grills - Curtos.com

    DCS Grills are made of 304 stainless and their carts and door drawer compartments of some of the best built in the industry.

    5 – Hottest Grill on the Planet

    In the past I complained about the brutal fury that the DCS grill unleashed when it was taken up to High or Sear.
    With the inclusion of the new valves, the sweep between Low and the highest setting is incredibly pronounced. Even between Medium and Low you will see an appreciable drop in temp and more importantly the lower, controlled temps can be maintained for extended periods of time. The precision control is a great story, but there are still folks who demand the full brunt of the seventh circle of hell coming off of their grill. Suffice to say Dante Caravaggio would have owned a DCS.

    Interested in purchasing a DCS Grill? We match all Internet pricing and offer FREE Nationwide delivery. Purchase a DCS Appliances 36″ or 48″ Grill Head and any outdoor storage product to receive a free Built in Sideburner or Single Tower Drawer.Call the Curto’s showroom today and talk to a DCS grill expert…

    DCS 36″ Grill Review – The Improved BH136RN – Curtos.com

    Written by Appliance Dude | January 22nd, 2017

    The DCS BH136RN Grill Review – Hottest Gas Grill on the Planet?

    After a nearly 2-year layoff I have reconnected with DCS (my former go-to gas grill) and had the pleasure of taking home a BH136RL the other night and proceeded to immediately kick the tires. It would be interesting to see how my view on this grill had changed since I last cooked on one. In that 2-year time period I had fallen for the Alfresco grill and all of the incredible versatility that it offers, and I had also expanded my grill arsenal to Kamado ceramic cookers as well as a variety of pellet grills from the likes of Traeger and Memphis. I had become smitten with smoking and cooking over live fire…so what would the return to a premium gas grill hold for me?

    Happy to say that even with all of these other grills on the landscape, the DCS cut through the noise and delivered. Simply put – the DCS is one helluva beast and remains Hot as Hell!

    DCS Grill Burners – Serious Heat

    About a year and a half ago I produced a video where I discussed the infernal heat that the new DCS grills produced. The heat was so intense that I had to purchase Steve Raichlen grill gloves to insulate my hands and arms from the fire. See video below:

    So a few things haven’t changed. First – the grill is still incredibly hot. I mean, infernally hot. That is something DCS has always prided themselves on their ability to turn the burners so high that there never was a need for an infrared sear burner. For many grill enthusiasts and weekend grill warriors this would be a positive. However, while it’s fun to talk about having the equivalent of a 612HP V10 engine under your grill, it would be rather inhibiting at medium and lower temperatures. The grill is actually so hot that just standing in front of it on a January evening in the Northeast where it was around 40 degrees felt a bit uncomfortable. Like I said, the grill has serious muscle.

    However to DCS’ credit they did change one thing related to temperature that completely changes the game. The valves have been upgraded so they now provide a wider spread of temperature difference when turning the knob. In the past, Sear was infernal, High was borderline infernal, Medium was hot and Low was definitely not low. Now I saw an appreciable difference between the High and Low settings. I was able to grill shrimp in a basket at a relatively mild temperature on the right burner, all while searing a tuna steak at the grill’s most wicked temperature. That would not have been possible a few years ago with the way the grill was completely turbo-charged.

    DCS Grill Build

    Not much has changed on the DCS grill in terms of how it is constructed. The canopy still has some heft to it which speaks to its heavy-duty construction, and the grates are incredibly solid. The cart is one of the best built in the premium grill industry. The sliding door (which stores my propane tank) rolls out effortlessly and the two drawers on the left side are aligned properly (a big issue with grill carts) and also roll out with ease and are not wobbly.

    Senor Smoke’s Take

    If you are looking for a gas grill that is going to hold up for years, and you don’t want to spend at the apex of gas grills, then the DCS should be the call.
    It delivers an solid build laden with design integrity, incredibly powerful burners that now have the ability to sweep downwards for lower heat, a great grease management system to minimize flareups and still comes in at a price point that should be lower than Lynx, Alfresco, Fire Magic and Twin Eagles.

    Buy a DCS Grill or Outdoor Kitchen at Curtos.com

    Curtos.com: Outdoor Kitchen Plans – Alfresco Grill

    Written by Appliance Dude | January 17th, 2017

    Outdoor Kitchen Plans

    Here is an outdoor kitchen we worked on in 2016. It features all Alfresco product including the 42″ grill, refrigerator, versa power cooker and an assortment of undercounter storage.

    Alfresco 42 grill with URS1-EXE Alfresco fridge

    Alfresco grill outdoor kitchen from Curto’s

    Memphis Pellet Grill Review: Prime Rib from Heaven!

    Written by Appliance Dude | January 10th, 2017

    Memphis Wood Fire Pellet Grill Review – Prime Rib Recipe

    It was New Year’s Day 2017 and what better to do than smoke a prime rib on the Memphis grill. It was the first time I have ever cooked a rib roast and following the instruction of Steve Raichlen, I NAILED IT. I used the reverse sear method in order to attain edge to edge medium rare and lordy did I accomplish that. Video below!

    Shop for a Memphis Grill at Curto’s – We Deliver Nationwide!

    Alfresco Grill Review: Best Chicken Ever, Indirect Roasting and the Dead – Curtos.com

    Written by Appliance Dude | December 29th, 2016

    Took another accessory home for my Alfresco ALXE42SZ grill and I ended up making the best chicken I’ve ever produced on the Alfresco.
    The indirect roasting pod is entirely legit, check it out and let me know about your results.
    It’s accessories like this that separate Alfresco from the other premium gas grills.
    Buy one for your Alfresco, load her up with a bird or roast of sorts, make sure the beer is cold and plays some Dead circa 1972!

    Free Nationwide Shipping on Alfresco Grills

    Alfresco Grill Review: Rocking the Steamer Fryer Insert! – AG-SF

    Written by Appliance Dude | December 28th, 2016

    Alfresco Grill Review – Steamer Fryer Insert AG-SF

    Yes, it did sit in the box for nearly 1 year, but I am happy to announce that I broke open the Alfresco Steamer Fryer insert AG-SF and was astounded by the results!
    We did shrimp tempura for the inaugural cook. Not only did the shrimp taste great, but it changes the narrative on what we are willing to cook – reason being is that frying was a rare occurrence because we didn’t want to deal with the smell and cleanup in the kitchen. Now with the Alfresco AG-SF steamer fryer insert, the frying can all be done outside so the kitchen stays sparkly clean! We have tons of ideas on what to do next…fried oreos, fried ice cream, rice balls, eggplant parmigiana, chicken fingers…the only question will be how to do this without causing our collective cholesterol to go through the roof!

    Remember, free Nationwide shipping on Alfresco Grills


    Written by Appliance Dude | December 26th, 2016

    If you are considering a Capital range, wall oven, range top, cooktop…now is the time to act.
    Its been rumored, hinted, whispered, debated…and now it’s finally coming into fruition. A price increase. And its a HEFTY one on certain models.
    This is the first time in years that we have seen an increase from Capital and aside from higher $’s, they are also going to focus on a narrower bandwidth
    of models. So are you interested in a 60″ range? Its not a stocked piece any longer…will have to be built from ground up so we are looking at weeks if not a few mos till available. Add on to that if you want a color.
    If you would like to order a Capital range please call us at 1-800-966-2878 or visit the showroom in Westchester Count until Sat Dec 31 at noon. At that point ordering for current pricing will be CLOSED!

    Video: The Science of Christmas Cookies

    Written by Appliance Dude | December 12th, 2016

    I was at a training last week and one of the attendees asked the chef for best tips on baking Christmas cookies. I’m not a baker but that question resonated with me for awhile. While I have delved into the science of grilling/smoking (and there is a lot there that a propeller head would appreciate), I consider baking to be the true scientific culinary pursuit. So look what happened upon my inbox this morning…from the good folks at Thermoworks.
    Watch and enjoy the science