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ASKO Dishwasher Review: 5 Reasons You Need to ASKO

Written by Appliance Dude | August 17th, 2017

Is an ASKO dishwasher in your kitchen’s future? If drying ability and energy efficiency is important to you, then keep reading!

When someone visits our showroom and is looking for a new dishwasher, whether in an appliance package or as a “onesy” there are two names that always come up:

Bosch and KitchenAid

Can you blame them? the Bosch is born from German-design standards, which marries tradition and the future. As the great Dieter Rams said, “German design standards are set by the reduction to essentials without eliminating the poetry”. So does that mean your dishes come out cleaner? For more on Bosch and German design standards, please read here.

KitchenAid has it’s own compelling narrative. It just works, and has for years, so they have built an insane level of trust and confidence in the American public when it comes to dishwashers and countertop appliances. And the #1 rating in Consumer Reports doesn’t hurt.

So where does that leave ASKO? It’s the under radar, stealth move.
ASKO, in many ways, reminds me of Saab, but with better quality standards.

I owned 2 Saabs and was always happy with its outsider status compared to BMW and AUDI. It was the bastard child of European sports / luxury cars, but it inspired a CULT of fervent Saab-heads. ASKO has created this as well.

We have people (mostly who live in NYC) that visit the showroom and when they are renovating an apt they don’t want to hear any dishwasher name invoked other than ASKO.


I have 5 compelling reasons why ASKO dishwashers has created this cult following.

It Dries Better
Yes you read that correctly. European dishwashers, due to their lack of a heating element, have always done a inferior job of drying compared to their domestic brethren who use heating elements in their tubs. ASKO’s Turbo Drying system pulls out moisture to dry your dishes better.
ASKO’s fan-dry system gets the load completely dry. After the final rinse, the moist air in the dishwasher is mixed with dry air from outside, and the machines dries completely.
Note – you must have an ASKO with the Turbo Dry system. So why does Turbo Drying kick ass?
Dishes normally dry by the residual heat contained in the tub after the wash.
The moisture rains back down onto the dishes creating water spots and leaving the dishes wet.
The door should be opened after the wash to release the steam so moisture doesn’t condensate on dishes.
Dishwashers without Turbo Drying need to have a higher temperature final rinse, consuming more energy.With Turbo Dry after the wash is complete the fan comes on and draws in hot steam.
Moisture is removed before it can cool and drip back onto crockery. The moisture is then condensed and directed back into the filter.

Stainless is Better
ASKO dishwasher baskets, spray arms, seam welded tank and door are all stainless. The competition, for the most part, are plastic.
Stainless build will make components last longer and also minimizes leaks because it is welded as opposed to glued.
Plus, a stainless door will not corrode, wear out or discolor over time.

ASKO dishwashers – particularly the XXL models – can hold up to 17 place settings, larger than any dishwasher on the market. Check out the pic!

ASKO dishwasher review

The insides of an ASKO dishwasher

It Cleans Like a Beast
No pre-rinsing needed! ASKO Dishwashers do the pre-rinsing for you saving you time, water, energy and effort.
SCS™ (Super Cleaning System) removes food particles from the dishwasher before starting the main wash to give you a cleaner result.

I Own One, And Can Attest That They are Legit

I would never talk up a product that I owned and was dissatisfied with. The bottom line is that our ASKO is sleek, quiet (though not whisper-quiet like a Bosch), does a great job drying, is durable as can be (far better design integrity than the more plastic models on the market) and incredibly green/eco friendly.

If you have more questions about ASKO dishwashers please call our showroom at 1-800-966-2878. And remember we ship them across the USA, with free shipping.

ASKO Dishwasher Video Guide, Part 1 – Reviews

Written by Appliance Dude | February 2nd, 2015

Here we have the first part of the ASKO dishwasher video guide.
This is the primer. The second layer of paint will deal with more granular content as we dive into features and functions of these wonderful machines. When finished this will be the definitive guide to ASKO dishwashers on the web….believe it!

Editors Note: Why am I talking about ASKO dishwashers in the Viking area? The lighting folks!

Buy ASKO dishwashers at Curtos.com

Asko Dishwashers Clean Better- Review

Written by Appliance Dude | January 29th, 2015

I just bought an Asko dishwasher
and as expected the thing completely rocks. The design, the cleaning action…actually let me freeze things right there. Check out the animation below and you will be witness to the LeBron of
dishwashers. No one cleans better and the proof is in the animation. Look at all those spray arms and jets doing their thing. Look for lots more ASKO coverage as I continue to play with this thing.

Video: More Info on Asko Dishwashers

Written by Appliance Dude | January 28th, 2012

The good folks at Asko must have read my mind. Or maybe I have it reversed. In any case, fresh on the heels of my vid touting the Asko D5424 dishwasher,
I found a vid where Asko takes us on a trip through it’s control panel. Hot pants!