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DCS Grill Outdoor Kitchen Review – Curtos.com

Written by Appliance Dude | September 18th, 2017

Recently finished this DCS outdoor kitchen in White Plains in Westchester County.
Watch the video for an in-depth analysis of the DCS products used as well as a rundown of the materials used to build the island. And remember, we ship DCS products FREE across the USA. Let us help you with your DCS outdoor kitchen!

DCS Outdoor Grill 36″ – Mini Review and Images

Written by Appliance Dude | September 3rd, 2014

What can I say?
Two years straight and DCS outdoor grills have beaten the pants off of all of the other high-end grill brands here at Curto’s. Actually it even outsold Weber this year.

This customer in Scarsdale NY was kind enough to share some pictures of her completed outdoor kitchen. Real simple and effective in design. She was a very, very educated consumer (actually popped in on Opening Day at the new showroom back in May) and came loaded with a bunch of questions as well as insights she had developed after performing a tremendous amount of research on outdoor grills.

She was set on DCS. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And I think her tale is one that those who are shopping for better grills can learn from. Her feeling was that when you added everything up – price, performance, reputation, service history, construct…she didn’t see how anything could surpass DCS at this point. I agree.
We compared welding, seams, the way the hoods opened and closed as well as the hood weight (which was important to her as a female). And as a native southerner with a penchant for outdoor cooking especially with tangy marinades and such, the DCS grease management system was a no-brainer in order to minimize flare-ups.

I did start to receive some chatter about Lynx Sedona in the latter portion of the grill season (I did not display it this year, instead opting for the Lynx Professional series) and I think Sedona certainly has merit especially as a lower priced alternative to the premium grill market, but it is not an apples to apples comparison to the DCS grill (the Lynx Professional would be the proper analog to the DCS grill).

Enjoy the pics and I’ll be back with more thoughts on the DCS BGB36BQar grill as well as it’s 48″ brethren.


DCS grill

DCS 36″ Outdoor grill in Scarsdale NY

Outdoor Grills 2013 – DCS Leading the Way

Written by Appliance Dude | June 10th, 2013

I had a customer email me yesterday stating that after mulling over about 5 different high-end grills he’s opting to go with a DCS. Not surprising. Since April we’ve sold more DCS grills than any other brand. It seems that DCS is still a name that people can trust in the out door space. And you can’t make light of the pricing…they’re a good thousand or less than their main competition.
Now if they could only parlay some of this outdoor love into their indoor business…

Aside from the price point, why are people running with it? I think it shows really well. Even though we are displaying it on a cart (still patiently waiting for my island display) shoppers can really appreciate the finish and craftsmanship as well as the unique features like the cast stainless grates, sloped racks and grease management system. If you open the door, handle the grated, tap the burners, play with the knobs, you’ll see you are dealing with the utmost quality. Sure, the free side burner is nice but the promo isn’t selling this product. The product is.

Outdoor Kitchens 2013: DCS..The Grill Review

Written by Appliance Dude | May 1st, 2013

Update: DCS has launched a new grill series for 2015.
Check out the reviews here:

After we were finished taping we had almost 25 minutes of footage on hand.
25 mins? Holy shizzle, the Appliance Dude can rap when it comes to grills.
We edited down to 10 minutes and I’ll have a part 2 which brings up a few other points about the DCS grills.
All in all – DCS is the patriarch of outdoor pro grills. Your money is well spent here.
Hit it!

PS – YouTube’s kicks the Sh&% out of the video quality during the upload. To watch in HD just toggle the little switch on the bottom of the video window.

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