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Dennis’ GE Monogram Kitchen: Pleasantville, NY

Written by Appliance Dude | April 19th, 2011

Looking for a home in lovely Pleasantville? Just down the street from the village and train station this lovely rebuild boasts a beautiful GE Monogram appliance package and a Sharp microwave drawer.

Appliances Used in This Kitchen:
– 36″ gas rangetop with griddle – ZGU364NDPSS
– 36″ insert – ZVC36LSS
– 30″ Double Wall Oven – ZET2PMSS
– 42″ Side by side Fridge, Panel ready – ZISB420DX
– 24″ Monogram wine refrigerator – ZDWI240WII
– 24″ Sharp Micro Drawer – KB6524PS

GE Monogram Package Rebate Extended – Monogram Launches 30″ Fully Integrated Line

Written by Appliance Dude | February 24th, 2011

Lots of news on the GE Monogram front…

First, happy to announce that GE is extending the Monogram package rebate program from the end of March to the end of 2011. This program has been the most successful of the high-end appliance package rebate programs that were implemented after that market collapsed in 2009 partly due to the ease in which customers can qualify for the $2000 instant rebate. Simple as pie…buy a GE Monogram range and hood OR a Monogram wall oven – cooktop and hood – $1000 instant rebate. Add a built-in fridge and add another $1000 back.

GE Monogram promotion - Curtos.com

GE Monogram Promotion at Curto's

More news on the Monogram front…looking for integrated refrigeration? Love that flush inset look?
Hate stainless steel? Then the new Monogram 30″ line of integrated refrigeration is a must check-out. Monogram is rolling with 6 models – 4 stainless that will offer both a glass door or solid stainless door and then your choice of thick pro handles or streamlined tubular ones.
Much to love here: energy-efficient interior lighting, heavy-duty hinges which allow you to open all the way without interfering with adjacent cabinets, and the coolest feature is that the lower drawer can be used for fresh foods, frozen foods or wine. Talk about flexibility.

GE monogram Integrated Refrigerators

and another shot…

GE Monogram Integrated Refrigerators

GE Monogram Integrated Refrigerators at Curtos.com

More info on the new GE Monogram Integrated Refrigerators

GE Monogram Appliance Packages – The NYC Appliance Package

Written by Appliance Dude | August 5th, 2010

In this series I am going to analyze seven different GE Monogram appliance packages that were put together by the Monogram
team. I’ve sold several of these recently, especially for New York City residents looking for new appliances but who are spatially constrained.
Some of the larger appliance packages have been popular in our core market of Westchester County, Connecticut and New Jersey.

GE Monogram Appliance Package #1 – Metro Package

Refrigerator: ZFGB21HZSS – 36″ French Door, freestanding
Dishwasher: ZBD6920PSS – 24″ dishwasher
Hood: ZV830SMSS – 30″ hood
Cooktop: ZGU384NSMSS – 30″ gas cooktop
Oven: ZET938SMSS – 30″ electronic convection oven
MSRP Package Price: $10,999 (not eligible for current Monogram instant rebate program)

Monogram calls this a “elegant, sleek and style-forward package”. I tend to agree. The reason this is so popular in urban markets such as NYC
is that the kitchen appliance footprint isn’t that large. You can even make it smaller by using an 18″ GE dishwasher, thus freeing up 6 more inches of cabinet space. Or, you could pop in a 27″ oven such as a ZEK938SMSS instead of opting for the 30″ single oven. And notice how the refrigerator is smaller than your typical Monogram fridge – the ZFGB21HZSS is counter depth yet doesn’t have the height that a typical Monogram fridge has because the compressor isn’t placed on the top.

And on the design tip – notice how these models feature the thinner handle as opposed to Monogram’s thick pro handle found on their ranges.
Designers seem to lean towards, sleeker, more refined design in NYC appliances. Maybe because the pro handles will look too fat, large and obtuse in a smaller kitchen set up that is so the norm in NYC?

GE Monogram - zbd6920pss - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - zbd6920pss - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - zet938smss - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - zet938smss - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - zfgb21hzss - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - zfgb21hzss - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - ZGU28NSMSS - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - ZGU28NSMSS - Curtos.com

GE Monogram - ZV830SNMSS- Curtos.com

GE Monogram - ZV830SNMSS- Curtos.com