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Hot Pants! Prez Day Deal on the GE GTWN4250MWS Washer

Written by Appliance Dude | February 15th, 2012

Hot Pants Alert!

I’ve found a piece with such value that it demands the “hot pants” declaration and needs to stand loud and proud atop the blog.
There was a big buy on this piece at my buying coop and last check I saw about 1200 piece on their way in from GE.
That’s right, we have veritable army of GTWN4250 washers on the way in…It Take a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back!

If the front load phenomenon or the high efficiency top loaders don’t rock your world and you want a simple, safe and reliable
no-frills washer, then jump on this. It’s selling for below 4 bills and offers:
– Energy Star
– It offers a stainless steel tub
– 3.6 cu ft of DOE rated capacity

The story is short and sweet here. You’re buying an Energy Star rated machine on the cheap. And you’re getting a stainless tub (which used to be the sole province
of much higher-priced machines a few years back). If you’ve been thinking about a new washer, hook it up, plug it in and say goodbye to any laundry issues for the next decade.

Hot Pants Alert! GE GTWN4250MWS

First Hot Pants alert for February. Jump on this Prez Day Deal!


Control Panel for the GE GTWN4250MWS