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Which GE Front Load Washer Dryer?

Written by Appliance Dude | October 7th, 2011

Continuing the theme from last night’s post, out of the three flavors of non-Profile GE front loaders, I am casting my lot with the steam enabled GFWS3505L washer and the GFDS355EL or GFDS355GL (gas) dryer.
Due to aggressive pricing by GE, these models just plain deliver more than the other models and are nearly priced at the same level.

Yes, having steam in the dryer is cool, and the GFWS3505L washer includes it as well. Steam in the washer…never been a fan and I have been adamant about sharing that sentiment with customers. In my opinion it’s just something else to talk about in order to justify higher prices on washers. However, GE is very clear that steam in the washer is something to behold as it will “rejuvenate fabrics while removing wrinkles and odors” and when injected into a wash load, steam will help lift hard to remove stains and provide a more through cleaning. Am I going to tell you it’s not going to work? No. However I wouldn’t base my purchase decision on this feature.

Instead, focus on the size, the spin speed, the Energy Star rating, the Vibration control, the Speed wash and the load sensing adaptive fill (translation – the washer senses the load weight, then fills with corresponding water).

The GFDS355 dryer brings game as well. At 7.5 cu ft it can fit pretty much anything you toss at it.
It has steam (which I find more useful in a dryer as it’s focus is to refresh and de-wrinkle), a speed dry and the e-dry mode which cuts energy use by 10%.

I’m not going to tell you that this pair is the best set of front loading laundry on the market. However they provide some of the best value out there. They are rebated as well, so you should walk out the dealership for a tick above $1000 with a new washer and dryer on the way.

GFWS3505 – 4.9 cu ft
GFDS355GL – 7.5 cu ft