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Wolf vs. Lynx Outdoor Grills

Written by Appliance Dude | May 26th, 2011

We just put a Lynx 36″ gas grill (L36PSFR-1) on display next to the Wolf OG-36 and they are eerily similar to one another. Both offer the following:
– Grates are cut from 304 grade stainless steel
– Internal rotisserie
– Sear burners
– Smoker boxes
– Ceramic briquettes which provide even heat distribution
– Heavy duty weld construction…aka they are built like friggin’ tanks
– Both total 75,000 BTU’s when combining the sear burner and two grill burners.

Wolf 36" Outdoor Grill

Opening Day for My Wolf Outdoor Grill

Lynx L36PSR-1

Lynx 36" Gas Grill

I took the Wolf OG-36 grill home a few weeks ago and I’ve been cooking on it almost every night. The power of the Wolf has impressed me and my wife swears that food tastes much better this year on the Wolf than when I was previously cooking on our old Weber Genesis. The only issue with the Wolf is that I have had a few flareups when manually lighting it (in one instance I gave myself a “manscape” when a flareup singed all the hair off the top of my arm). Aside from my adventures in hair removal it’s been a pleasure.

Lynx has done an incredible job branding itself as the premium outdoor grill manufacturer and it will be interesting to see how they deal with the coming battle with Wolf. Let’s face it, Wolf has usurped Viking’s role as the leader in premium indoor cooking appliances and they will try to replicate that feat in the outdoor kitchen space as well. At this point I’m of the mind that if you spend the money on either one (and you will spend quite a bit on these brands) you are getting top-notch quality and will be happy no matter which direction you go. However, I will do some cooking on the Lynx in the next few days and will share my thoughts on comparing it against the Wolf.