Maytag Appliance Repair

Maytag is the most popular household appliance brand we repair in our service territory. We repair hundreds of Maytag appliances every year. This includes Maytag refrigerators, Maytag dishwashers, Maytag ovens and Maytag washing machines. Our technicians have the training and experience to troubleshoot and repair all models of Maytag appliances for our customers. You can rely on us!

Is there a broken Maytag appliance in your home or apartment? You can call for Maytag appliance repair from CRT Appliance Repair for expert service today! We can repair all Maytag models and brands – including Jenn-Air, Amana and Magic Chef. And, we install Maytag manufacturer parts for the very best results possible. Call now for Maytag appliance repair:

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We will arrange for a trained local technician to come to your home to fix your broken Maytag refrigerator. He will diagnose the problem with the refrigerator and then determine the best solution for fixing it as quick and as affordable as he can. Most of the time, we load the necessary Maytag refrigerator parts into our service vans so we can complete the service during the first visit.


You can call CRT Appliance Repair for Maytag dishwasher repair. It isn’t uncommon for a leak or other issues to occur on a Maytag dishwasher because of heavy use every day. We have many years of experience repairing these types of issues and are confident we will be able to fix the problem right away and restore the Maytag dishwasher in your home or apartment to its working condition.


When the Maytag washing machine in your home isn’t filling, draining or running correctly, our repairmen can help! Call our phone number right away and we will do all we can to send an experienced technician sometime later that very same day. During our Maytag washing machine repair service, he will diagnose and identify the problem and will then fix it with genuine manufacturer appliance parts.


A Maytag washing machine is not very useful unless there’s also a working Maytag dryer. CRT Appliance Repair knows how to fix all common problems with our professional Maytag dryer repair service. Common problems include a dryer that will not turn on or off, the dryer is not drying or heating like it should as well as concerning noises coming from the appliance. We also can repair a Maytag dryer that will not tumble.


You’ve got a family to feed and you need your Maytag stove. We are here to help! You can call us for Maytag stove repair and we will do all we can to arrive before dinner and have the stove fixed as soon as possible. Whether a burner isn’t heating, the pilot light will not ignite on a gas model or there are issues with the control board and oven knobs and controls, we will determine the issue and repair it as soon as possible.

You can rest easy knowing we have the tools and the experience to repair the broken Maytag appliance in your home. And, all of our Maytag appliance repair services include a 30-day warranty and a free return trip to correct the issue if it reoccurs or should something related to the repair cause an issue.

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